Definitions for "CABLECARD"
A bit thicker than your Visa card, this device slips into a slot on your HD display, allowing you to watch digital cable programming without a cable set-top box. It's not all gravy though - make sure your card is a two-way device, or video-on-demand and electronic program guide features won't be available.
A removable security module (in a PCMCIA or PC card form factor) which, when inserted in an OpenCable certified set-top, television or other device, enables delivery of digital video programming and other services. The OpenCable specification is designed in part to support the retail sale of advanced digital set-top boxes and other devices. CableCARDs will be provided directly by the cable operator to customers who request them. Or a CableCARD is a detachable device, distributed by cable providers, that connects to the home receiver. The interface between the CableCARD unit and the receiver is specified by the OpenCable platform. CableCARD functionality includes copy protection and signal demodulation.
A removable security card available from cable TV providers. It allows a TV with a compatible CableCARD slot to receive digital cable programming, including premium and HD channels, without using a separate set-top box. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) began requiring service providers to make CableCARDs available as of July 1, 2004. Contact your local cable provider for details regarding the availability and costs of CableCARD-related services.