Definitions for "Telemetry"
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The science or process of making remote measurements and sending the data by radio; the use of a telemeter.
Telecommunication of the readings of measuring instruments to a device on which the readings can be indicated or recorded
The system by which a signal is transmitted to a remote location in order to control CCTV equipment eg. to control pan and tilt and zoom functions, switch on lights, move to preset positions etc. The controller at the operating position is the transmitter and there is a receiver at the remote location. The signal can be transmitted along a simple `twisted pair' cable or along the same coaxial cable that carries the video signal.
Wirefree communications between machines. For example a vending machine sending a message to a factory to request more stock.
The transferal of data from vending machines to a database.
the science or process of gathering information about objects which are far away and sending the information somewhere electronically.
A system utilizing ‘control code' transmitters and receivers. These use the video cable or a simple twisted pair cable to send their information.
Control of PTZ cameras is provided using Telemetry Control. This signal is sent down 'twisted pair' cable or along the same coaxial cable the video signal is being sent down. Typical Telemetry signals are RS-485 or RS-422.
Collection of data at a distance usually using wireless communication
Telemetry refers to the event data of results of a diagnostic MAP (script) that is executed when an incident is created.
Gathering data at a distance and relaying it to the observer. Often used in environments where it would be dangerous or difficult to collect the data directly, or where the subject of study is mobile, such as a vehicle. Is also used to collect information on the location and activities of animals (biotelemetry).
A feature built into the implant system that allows the audiologist to test the function of the implanted portion of the system. This is a quick test that requires no input from the child, and provides valuable information about how well the electrodes are functioning.
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The means of communication between the vehicle and the GPU.