Definitions for "ELT"
Emergency Locator Transmitter. A radio transmitter attached to the aircraft structure which operates from its own power source on 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz. The transmitter transmits a distinctive downward swept audio tone for homing purposes and is designed to function without human action after an accident.
Emergency Locator Transmitter - A low-power transmitting device carried on light aircraft as required by federal law, and on most military aircraft. It is impact activated and transmits a distinctive sweeping tone that can be detected by aircraft mounted or hand-held direction finding (DF) equipment.
Waterways / Wetlands Encroachment
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Evacuation Liaison Team
Abbreviation for: automatically deployable ELT Fr: ELT(AD)
Abbreviation for: automatic fixed ELT Fr: ELT(AF)
Abbreviation for: automatic portable ELT Fr: ELT(AP)
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English Language Teaching
English Language Training.
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Ecological Land types.
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See Entry-level training.
Entry Level Test