Definitions for "Line-Of-Sight"
With respect to fixed wireless technology, line-of-sight refers to being able to see the signal transmission tower clearly from the location of your antenna, and is essential to successful reception and transmission of the high-speed signal. Successful wireless transmission from distribution tower to antenna typically ranges up to 5 km.
A straight path between a transmitting and receiving antenna that's unobstructed by intermediate topography. RF telemetry systems require line-of-sight transmissions. The use of repeater stations can overcome line-of-sight interruptions.
Range refers to the ideal broadcast range of wireless audio/video link (transmitter and receiver) systems. Line-of-sight means the range when there is a visible pathway between the transmitter antenna and the receiver antenna. As well, the line-of-sight specification indicates performance under absolute best conditions. Please be aware that just like home cordless telephones, TV reception, and cellular phone reception, wireless audio/video equipment can often be less than perfect! All wireless products are subject to limitations and vulnerabilities due to many potential variables.
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A straight line between two points that does not follow the curvature of the earth or go below the horizon. A straight line between two points that does not go below the horizon and is not obstructed by foliage, building, etc..
(1) The firecontrol diagram's main branch, which shows the bearing to the target, the target at the top and own ship at the bottom; (2) a mode of the firecontrol system used to simplify matters for the captain or to set up for a snapshot, in which the target is depicted as a rowboat at the top of the display, own ship is another rowboat at the bottom of the display so that the headings of both ships are easily seen; (3) description of the travel of UHF, EHF and VHF radio waves, which do not bend, so that if you can see the other platform you can talk to him, but if he's over the horizon you are out of luck unless you are using a relay satellite.
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which VIS leafs can see each other from portal to portal without being blocked by world brushes in VIS-full. Brush entities are see-thru, but their faces still count for wpolys.
the extent to which a laser scanner or other measurement device can capture 3D data from its vantage point. Only points which can be "seen" by the laser will be captured.