Definitions for "VOR"
ery high frequency (VHF) mnidirectional ange. Navigational ground transmitter which may be located either at an airport or just about anywhere else. A combination VOR and TACAN device is called a VORTAC. A VOR station resembles a giant bowling pin and transmits between 108 and 117.975 MHz with an audio tone at 1020 Hz.
A ground-based electronic navigation aid transmitting very high frequency navigation signals. These signals radiate out completely around 360 degrees in azimuth, oriented from magnetic north. VOR is used as the basis for navigation in the National Airspace System. The VOR periodically identifies itself by Morse Code and may have an additional voice identification feature. Voice features may be used by ATC or FSS for transmitting instructions/information to pilots.
VHF Omnidirectional Receiver. These are ground-based radio navigational aids scattered around the country. Lines between them, called Victor airways, are the primary instrument flight paths throughout the country. The actual equipment allows a pilot to determine the magnetic direction the airplane lies from a given VOR. This is a really useful thing to know and VORs have been a primary way of instrument navigation as well as being very helpful in VFR conditions. They are often colocated with DME, making them even more useful. The FAA is planning to phase VORs out and use GPS everywhere. Even now a lot of flying to and from VORs is really done by GPS equipment that does not depend on the VOR transmitting. Everyone calls these VORs. The full name is a trivia question.
Verification of Rental. Document signed by the borrower’s landlord confirming rental residence and payment history.
Acronym for Verification of Rent.
Verification of Rent. A document signed by the borrower's landlord verifying the history of rent payments.
Vestibular Ocular Reflex. The reflexive compensatory counter movement of the eyes, in response to the movement of the head, which enables the eyes to maintain focus while the head is moving.
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thief, lord of crime. Once generic term for thief or foreign enemy.
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Voice–Operated Recording VOR saves time and tape expense by starting recording automatically when sound is sensed. When the sound stops, recording automatically stops.
Voice Operated Recording. Voice-controlled recording on dictating machines.
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vehicle off road. A vehicle that is out of service for lack of parts to repair it.
An abbreviation for vehicle off road.
The offensive; getting in first in a fighting bout.