Definitions for "Bout"
As much of an action as is performed at one time; a going and returning, as of workmen in reaping, mowing, etc.; a turn; a round.
A conflict; contest; attempt; trial; a set-to at anything; as, a fencing bout; a drinking bout.
A combat between two fighters.
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An assault in which the score is kept.
an assault at which the score is kept.
The upper or lower outside curve of a guitar or other instrument body.
the term applied to the upper and lower section of the guitar body.
the curved portions above (upper bout) and below (lower bout) a guitar's "waist;" from a frontal perspective, the upper bout would be the guitar's "shoulders" and the lower bout would be its "hips".
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A single fight, sometimes called a ‘pass', generally a modern term used mostly in the SCA and in other re-enactment groups.
"Bout" is the sixth single from British R&B artist Jamelia and the first single from her second album Thank You. Overall, "Bout" is fairly ignored as a single and "Superstar" is widely regarded to be the first single from the album. "Bout" was the single that bought Jamelia back into the public eye, after being away for three years.
a cylindrical cervical pillow designed to maintain proper alignment of the neck while sleeping for individuals who have neck or back strain
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an occasion for excessive eating or drinking; "they went on a bust that lasted three days"
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(sports) a period of play during which one team is on the offensive