Definitions for "Loran"
A system of electronic navigation in which a vessel or aircraft determines its latitude and longitude by measuring the time differences between low frequency radio transmissions from two stationary transmitters (slaves) and a stationary master transmitter. Contrary to the name, Loran is a medium range system, usually effective for no more than a few hundred miles from shore. The first commercial system was called Loran A; the latest (and final) development is Loran C.
acronym for Lo ng Range adio avigation; a navigation system in use during the SEA war; not on Skyraiders
A satellite positioning system used for navigation in bad weather. Boats equipped with a Loran are usually safer than ones without it.
In the Dungeons & Dragons Greyhawk campaign setting, Sir Loran is a former human knight of Sunndi who became a death knight. Loran is eternally haunted by the spirit of his murdered wife.
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Loran was the brand name of a blank compact audio cassette marketed throughout the 1970s and 1980s and manufactured by Loran Cassettes & Audio Products, Inc, a division of Loranger Manufacturing Corporation.