Definitions for "Exciter"
The transmitter components that modulate and drive a signal. Used in uplinks.
The modulator and driver section of a transmitter, as used in an uplink.
The transmitter that is part of a scanner.
An enhancer that synthesises and either augments, or creates new high-frequency harmonics.
See Enhancer.
also called an enhancer. A signal processor that uses frequency analysis, compression, EQ, and filters to add sparkle to audio. Used frequently to bring certain aspects of a song forward in the mix, especially during mastering
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Exciter is Depeche Mode's tenth full-length album, which was released on May 14 2001 in the UK and May 15 in the US. It uses more digital music technology compared to their other albums. It was produced by Mark Bell of Björk and LFO fame.
An exciter is a device that supplies direct current (DC) to the field coils of a synchronous generator, producing the magnetic flux required for inducing output voltage in the armature coils (stator). See Field.
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Excursion Expander
Exciter is a speed metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Despite many changes in personnel, they have managed to keep a small but dedicated following for nearly 20 years.
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See "delighter."
a device for converting electrical power into mechanical power in order to introduce bending waves into a DML
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One who, or that which, excites.