Definitions for "oscillator"
An oscillator is a type of technical analysis indicator, bound by an upper...
Technical indicator used to identify overbought and oversold price regions. An indicator that detrends data, such as price.
An indicator that helps determine when a market or stock has reached an important extreme on either the upside or the downside.
Any device or circuit for producing electric oscillations, whether of current or voltage; esp., an apparatus for generating electric waves in a system of wireless telegraphy.
A device that generates a periodic variation of electric current of a particular frequency in an electronic circuit.
An oscillator produces a pure sound. The frequency (i.e. pitch) and waveform (e.g. sine waves or square waves) of the sound can be selected.
In a cellular automaton, an oscillator is a pattern that returns to its original state, in the same orientation and position, after a finite number of generations. Thus the evolution of such a pattern repeats itself indefinitely. Depending on context, the term may also include spaceships as well.
the internal and therefore unseen, or endogenous oscillator (the biological clock ) that produces an overt measurable biological rhythm in the organism.
An instrument for measuring rigidity by the torsional oscillations of a weighted wire.
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See ventilator.
a system which has the characteristic that being in one state causes a change to occur which brings about another state and vice versa, so that the system continues to alternate between the two states
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a mechanism that allows the machine to throw balls in different locations on the court
an object, that periodically moves between certain points
The difference between two indicators. For instance, a moving average oscillator would reflect the difference between two moving averages. The oscillator ranges around a single line.
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See: Audio Oscillator
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One that oscillates