Definitions for "VCO"
Voltage Control Oscillator. Voltage-controlled oscillators are commonly found in wireless systems, frequency synthesizers, and other devices that must be able to tune across a band of frequencies.
Voltage Control Oscillator........An analogue circuit that generates an electrical wave, such as a Sine, Sawtooth or Square wave......VCO's were the raw sound tone generators on early analogue synths.
An oscillator whose frequency output is controlled by varying its voltage rather than with a potentiometer.
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Vector synthesis
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Voice Carry Over. A form of communication where the person with the hearing disability speaks directly to the other end user. The Communications Assistant (CA) then types the response from the hearing person back to the person with the hearing disability so that he can read the response on a screen. The Communications Assistant does not voice the conversation. Like a "one-way" TTY.