Definitions for "Trendline"
On of the most valuable tools of the technician. A straight line that connects at least 3-consecutive peaks or troughs. A trendline acts as support in an up-trend and resistance in a downtrend A break of a trendline usually signals a corrective phase or consolidation phase is likely to occur.
In technical analysis, a trendline is a line that connects specific points of price action in order to identify the direction of the market. The longer the trendline has been in place, tested but not broken, the more significant the trendline. Trendlines are used to identify the following characteristics about trends: direction of the trend trend reversals trend continuation support and resistance General theory is that once a trendline is penetrated it is a signal for a consolidating market and, depending on what happens after that, a possible change in trend.
Drawing a line that connects any two or more lows or highs on a chart.
a fit to data, indicating the general behavioral tendency or trend of the data, if any
an indication of levels of support and resistance in the market place