Definitions for "Balls"
Balls is the eighteenth album by Sparks released in 2000.
Balls is the second EP by the Huntington Beach, California punk rock band Guttermouth, released in 1991 by Dr. Strange Records. It is currently out of print, however all of the tracks were re-issued on the CD re-releases of the band's debut album Full Length LP in 1992 and 1996.
A simulation of balls bouncing in a room in n >= 2 dimensions for educational purpose or usable as screensaver.
Runs under UNIX/Linux, needs the Qt GUI Library and OpenGL.
Slang term for testicles.
Slang for numeric .00, as in 4-balls (4.00)
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Keno balls. Similar to bingo balls or ping pong balls. Numbered 1-80.
Used in Keno to pick the winning numbers on a given game. They are numbered 1-80.
Formal affairs held by Carnival organizations at which their royalty presides. Many groups, including the most prestigious, have balls only and do not parade. Many old-line Carnival organizations now use hotel ballrooms, and attendance is by invitation. Parading krewes usually, but not always, have the ball after the parade. Some krewes, notable Bacchus and Endymion, throw large-scale parties with big-name entertainment.
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Paintball marker ammunition BPS: Ball per second. Used to indicate rate of fire of one's marker or loader. Bunker: An object which provides cover placed around a paintball field to optimize interesting game play.
Female impersonators Poppers
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A dynamic package manager with a virtual file system interface. Keep track of files installed from a source tarball and easily remove those files. Simply copying files from /usr/src/{package name} will automaticly create a package.
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A small plastic or metal ball is placed inside the roulette wheel and spun. The ball must be made of a specific material, shape and weight. Once the ball falls inside the roulette wheel slot, the winner will be determined.
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1) The depth and thickness of a sound, usually on the bottom end of the EQ (as in "needs more balls"). 2) The strength of the voice on the mic (as in "check it like you have some balls").
The strength or power to perform it's task extremely well without loss of performance even when pushed to it's limits.