Definitions for "FEMALE"
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One of the opposing, or unfair, sex. The Maker, at Creation's birth, With living things had stocked the earth. From elephants to bats and snails, They all were good, for all were males. But when the Devil came and saw He said: "By Thine eternal law Of growth, maturity, decay, These all must quickly pass away And leave untenanted the earth Unless Thou dost establish birth" -- Then tucked his head beneath his wing To laugh -- he had no sleeve -- the thing With deviltry did so accord, That he'd suggested to the Lord. The Master pondered this advice, Then shook and threw the fateful dice Wherewith all matters here below Are ordered, and observed the throw; Then bent His head in awful state, Confirming the decree of Fate. From every part of earth anew The conscious dust consenting flew, While rivers from their courses rolled To make it plastic for the mould. Enough collected (but no more, For niggard Nature hoards her store) He kneaded it to flexible clay, While Nick unseen threw some away. And then the various forms He cast, Gross organs first and finer last; No one at once evolved, but all By even touches grew and small Degrees advanced, till, shade by shade, To match all living things He'd made Females, complete in all their parts Except (His clay gave out) the hearts. "No matter," Satan cried; "with speed I'll fetch the very hearts they need" -- So flew away and soon brought back The number needed, in a sack. That night earth range with sounds of strife -- Ten million males each had a wife; That night sweet Peace her pinions spread O'er Hell -- ten million devils dead! G.J.
An individual of the sex which conceives and brings forth young, or (in a wider sense) which has an ovary and produces ova.
Belonging to the sex which conceives and gives birth to young, or (in a wider sense) which produces ova; not male.
A plant which produces only that kind of reproductive organs which are capable of developing into fruit after impregnation or fertilization; a pistillate plant.
Having pistils and no stamens; pistillate; or, in cryptogamous plants, capable of receiving fertilization.
pistillate, ovule, seed-producing.
a victim of domestic violence and needs shelter
a victim of domestic violence and wants to report the situation
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a doe, a flyer, a roo or jill
Belonging to an individual of the female sex; characteristic of woman; feminine; as, female tenderness.
a person who belongs to the sex that can have babies
characteristic of or peculiar to a woman; "female sensitiveness"; "female suffrage"
A female is the socket and cap segment of a snap fastener closure that engages the stud and forms the complete closure.
Recepticale, socket or part that mating part is inserted into.
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a character of romance
A female – in relation to transgender is someone who has typically has no desire to crossdress, but may find transgendered people sexually attractive or interesting.
In modern European cultures, a person with an anatomically complete vagina, and lacking a penis. (If a penis is also present, the person is called a hermaphrodite.) In ancient cultures, a woman also had to be able to have children to be considered fully female.
an F-Replicator, and cannot increases its replication rate by combining with as many M-Replicators as it is able to, as once it combines, further combinations will not result in another Replication for a significant time period
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Normally, a person with XX chromosomes, although some females also have XXY and XO chromosomes.
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a meat stew made shredded coconut and coconut milk
a social chameleon that mirrors the colors of her surroundings and blends into the background with little or no distinctive quality
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a million dollars richer
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for or composed of women or girls; "the female lead in the play"; "a female chorus"
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a lady you know
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In organisms with separate sexes, the one which produces eggs.
a person or animal that can give birth or lay eggs.
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Superior gender of the non-human and animal races.
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The probate inventory of a woman.
a woman or a girl
A person who meets the physiological standards of a female.
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an object of concealment
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a member of a protected class