Definitions for "Coconut "
the edible white meat of a coconut{3}; often shredded for use in e.g. cakes and curries.
the cocoa palm.
As A Treatment"...Within a week, abnormal cortisol levels show improvement indicating adrenal restoration using vitamin B1, B complex and coconut milk..."
As A Treatment"...The antiviral effect seems to be against lipid-enveloped viruses and is due to the presence of lauric acid in coconut oil..."
abundant oil and fatty acid content make the coconut the source of our cleansing surfactants sodium myreth sulfate, cocobetaine and lauramide dea.
As A Treatment"...In animal studies, feeding unprocessed coconut and coconut oils prevented tumor development, both malignant or benign..."
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Coconut is an elegant and useful bandwidth monitoring application that fits into your dock. The look and feel is totally configurable via the preferences panel. It is built with the DAFT dockapp framework.
Coconut is a powerful web-application tool for use by Web Developers allowing them to quickly and flexibly generate admin panels for clients' websites.
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Coconut is a calypso written and first recorded by Harry Nilsson.
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Narial Vegetable
COCONUT is an Eclipse plug-in. It uses an Information Retrieval technique and a n-gram extractor to guide the developers during code writing to produce code that contains better identifiers and comments.
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a terrible thing to waste
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In the Pacific islands and South East Asia, the coconut...
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a sphere, and would best be cut into equal halves
excellent for cracked or brittle skin; helps retain skin's moisture
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Very common, very inexpensive
a celebration of over a hundred different uses