Definitions for "Protected"
Scope indicator that makes an instance variable visible to subclasses that inherit from the class containing the instance variable.
Core API See also access control for usage. Defines a method to be protected - can only be executed from within the class (any instance) and any subclass (of any instance) #uses a method format # from within the class def mpm(num) do something end protected :mpm # must be after def self.mpm(1) # can be anywhere in class
A Visibility level applied to an Attribute or an Operation, indicating that only code for the Classifier that contains the member or for its Subclasses can access the member.
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( protégé ou risque protégé) A fire risk in an area served by a fire department and fire hydrant.
A subject of insurance located in an area protected by a fire department.
In fire insurance, a risk located in an area protected by a fire department.
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Camellia Show term for a plant grown in a green-house, lath house or under other man-made protection
a security category assigned to documents, files or records series containing confidential and/or sensitive information. 12.3.2l
the security category assigned to documents, files or records series containing sensitive personal information. 8.3.4
The system configuration of a radio in which two sets, or redundant groups, of components and assemblies are arranged in tandem, with one group in back-up mode in case a failure occurs with the in-service system.
kept safe or defended from danger or injury or loss; "the most protected spot I could find"
guarded from injury or destruction
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passed pawn: A passed pawn that is supported by another pawn.
Goods are protected under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 if acquired under a hire purchase agreement or a conditional sale agreement and one third of the price has been paid. In such circumstances, a court order is necessary in order to recover possession of the goods. Recovery without a court order will release the customer from all liability under the agreement and entitle him to repayment of sums paid.
Term used to describe a piece of leather that has been treated with chemicals to protect it from water stains and other possible damage to the surface. This leather is easier to clean and maintain … most leather distributors will sell you a chemical to apply to your leather if it is not already this type.
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Data that are not reported because data are available for fewer than four(4) properties.
Protected refers to information at the non-national interest level.