Definitions for "clean"
Free from dirt or filth; as, clean clothes.
Free from that which is useless or injurious; without defects; as, clean land; clean timber.
Free from awkwardness; not bungling; adroit; dexterous; as, a clean trick; a clean leap over a fence.
a perfect ride through a tough section.
To clear an object or section of the course that is difficult without dabbing.
v. to negotiate a section of trail successfully without crashing, dabbing, or making mistakes
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This has two meanings. As an adjective, it describes climbing a route without transgression by protecting the route without resorting to hammer or drill: "The route is safe with gear," or by climbing the route without grabbing or hanging on gear, "After falling a few times , Harry finally got the route clean." As a verb, it refers to the second's job of removing the gear as he follow a leader: "Don't forget to clean the last cholk before you traverse."
the act of removing protection from a pitch when seconding or rappelling (see back clean)
To climb a traditional route without falling or an aid route without the use of a hammer
this means that there are no reservations associated with the shipping documents.
A term used to describe a bill of exchange or cheque sent for collection with no shipping documents. A bill of lading with no remarks on it's face notifying a defective condition of the goods or the packing.
a) A draft/check with no shipping documents. (see"Collections - Introduction") b) A bill of lading without clauses that expressly declare a defective condition of the goods or the packing.
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To lightly sweep or brush in front of a stone to remove any debris.
Term to describe a light sweeping in front of the stone to control movement.
Sweeping lightly with the broom in front of the stone.
flaps, slats and undercarriage retracted and on military aircraft no external missiles etc.
No radar contacts; used to confirm a good battle damage check (i.e., no air-to-surface ordnance remaining on the wingman's aircraft).
aircraft in flight with landing gear, flaps, slats retracted, and or without external stores
(1) A term used on French Angora, Satin Angora, Jersey Wooly and FUZZY Lops head, ears, feet and legs denoting the presence of normal fur (absence of wool) in those places. (2) A marking term denoting well formed markings without congestion or drags.
A term used by some jewelers to indicate the absence of imperfections in a diamond. It is often misused to describe diamonds with slight imperfections.
A term used to describe the absence or relative absence of any visible blemishes on the surface of a pearl.
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Clean describes the conditions when there is either no wind or an offshore wind. This has the effect of smoothing the face of the wave and removing any chop from the water. This is good
Smooth waves, usually good surfing conditions.
Perfect surf conditions due to alight offshore breeze or no wind at all
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Clean is a 2004 film directed by French director Olivier Assayas, starring Nick Nolte and Maggie Cheung. It was jointly funded by Canada, France, and United Kingdom sources.
Without accrued interest. A clean price is the total price of a bond less accrued interest (c.f. dirty). Without commissions, brokerage or tax.
working tree is clean, if it corresponds to the revision referenced by the current head. Also see " dirty".
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The movement of raising a barbell or two dumb-bells from the floor to your shoulders in one smooth motion to prepare for an overhead lift. To properly exe-cute a clean movement, you must use the coordinated strength of your legs, back, shoulders, and arms.
Lifting weight from floor to shoulder in one motion.
is the removal of all undesirable materials from the surface of the wafer without causing damage to the exposed layers. This includes the removal of photoresist and post-etch polymers. Cleans are performed with both wet and dry cleaning technologies.
Leaf appearance that is without undesirable inclusions such as dust, twigs, fibers, etc.
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clean is a commandline tool that deletes temporary files. You can use, on a unix-like system, 'find' and 'rm' instead. clean is platform-independent, it just requires tcl to be installed. It is simple and should be easy to use.
A legal move. All moves are clean when playing on the computer as only legal moves are accepted or permitted while playing a game of backgammon online.
when a dog has does not move on a bird, and shows no lapses in manners, it is said to be "clean" on that bird. If a dog runs a race with bird work, no errors on game or unproductives, it said to be "clean" for that performance.
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A magician who is pure of spirit and body (rare).
In computer science, Clean is a general-purpose purely functional programming language. Clean is an example of the functional programming language paradigm.
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abstinent from drugs
Energy sources that cannot be depleted because they regenerate from natural processes like the movement of air, sunshine, or rainfall. For example, solar power, wind, fuel cells, etc.
The file system is guaranteed to have a static, stable structure. Only unmounted filesystems or read-only file systems are clean by definition.
In the context of general equities, block trade that matches buy or sell orders/interests, sparing the block trader any inventory risk (no net position and hence none available for additional customers). Natural. Antithesis of open.
Containing no appreciable amount of clay or shale. Applied to sandstones and carbonates.
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An word used informally to mean flawless, or at least to infer flawlessness.
A diskette and/or hard drive that, when scanned for viruses by a reputable updated anti-virus program(s), has no viruses.
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A weapon with no weapon upgrades.
Without limitation or remainder; quite; perfectly; wholly; entirely.
the process of constructing the topology of a vector layer by processing lines and polygons. See build.
a trick finish clean if everything (including the hands) can be examined at the end
As in, "Shots on the eight must go clean". This means that when shooting the eight, it has to go into the pocket without contacting any other balls. This is a common house rule.
this word is used to describe water quality. This indicates that the water quality in question is in compliance with federal water quality standards developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
An internally audited initiative in our Packaging group to ensure that high operating standards are maintained in all facilities.
Equipment or a geographic area not contaminated by chemical exposure.
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The state of a memory page that has not had its contents altered.
Not having a sexually transmitted disease, especially AIDS.