Definitions for "consignment"
The act of consigning or sending property to an agent or correspondent in another place, as for care, sale, etc.
That which is consigned; the goods or commodities sent or addressed to a consignee at one time or by one conveyance.
Shipment of one or more pieces of property, accepted by the carrier from one shipper, receipted for in one lot, and moved on one Air Waybill, to one consignee at one destination.
An arrangement under which items are delivered by a consignor to a consignee to be resold or used and paid for by the consignee.
Contrcat manufacturing using customer supplied components.
A type of outsourcing in which the OEM customer provides "kits" which include all materials required for the building their products and the EMS subcontractor provides only assembly equipment and labor. The opposite of "turnkey", where the EMS provider controls most or all elements of material acquisition and supply chain management.
The items that are being moved.
An agreement whereby a vendor keeps a quantity of their supply items in stock at UMMC. UMMC is not charged for any consignment item until it is used.
A single item of cargo described for freighting; physical carriage from one origin to one destination
Blocks of tickets printed and allocated to the event Producers who sell these tickets, usually through members of the group organizing the event. The Ticket Manager should give out these tickets to group members in small quantities and keep a list of how many tickets have been given out and to whom.
a quantity of some commodity delivered at one time
A quantity of plants, plant products and/or other articles being moved from one country to another and covered, when required, by a single phytosanitary certificate (a consignment may be composed of one or more commodities or lots).
In real estate finance, the process in which the FSLIC replaces the management of an insolvent savings and loan association, but allows the association to continue operating. Example: Under the Southwest Plan, many savings and loan associations in Texas were placed under a consignment program, in which experienced managers from other S&Ls were recruited to run the associations under federal supervision.
The act of consigning; consignation.
the official act of consigning a person to confinement (as in a prison or mental hospital)
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The writing by which anything is consigned.
an arrangement whereby the supplier, (consignor), transfers the possession of property, but not the ownership, to a particular person, (consignee)
Describes your household furniture and effects being transported.
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a group of records that belong to the same series, need to be kept for the same length of time, and have the same storage requirements and are transferred at the same time