Definitions for "Household"
Those who dwell under the same roof and compose a family.
Belonging to the house and family; domestic; as, household furniture; household affairs.
one or more people occupying a single housing unit, such as a house or apartment
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A household is the territory held by a noble or other leader of station.
a noble lord and lady and their various followers, attendants, dependants , squires , men-at-arms , etc
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"casa, famiglia, nucleo familiare"
or domestic waste - Solid waste, composed of garbage and rubbish, which normally originates from residential, private households, or apartment buildings. Domestic waste may contain a significant amount of toxic or hazardous waste from improperly discarded pesticides, paints, batteries, and cleaners.
The core measure of circulation for a cable TV system. Typically, cable companies collect a monthly subscription fee from each household served. In addition to detached homes, apartment units are usually counted as individual households.
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A line of ancestory; a race or house.
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a source of pride
a residence with one or more occupants. Household income, for example, is one way of breaking down a community and reporting the earnings of its labor force. The identity of potential second-income earners in a community comes from analysis of household income. Information about households as economic development data is generally reported under demographics. definition of household defined definition of households defined
a collection of individual consumers who are economically affiliated and who share common purchasing or service interests
an example in miniature of society
an ideal place for children to learn what they can enjoy and what they cannot ask for because it is not a true society but a one in which they can train themselves by trial and error
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a mini-economy in itself
A voluntary association of friends or people with similar interest, organized under whatever rules the members jointly accept. Households have no formal standing in the SCA.
an intentional Christian community
a community, and they need to understand the value of contributing to the community despite their personal schedules
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for media buyers, a home with one or more televisions.
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a complex system to run