Definitions for "cleaners"
Keywords:  hoggle, jareth, sarah, defied, deadly
A deadly slashing machine with spinning blades at its front that would completely fill up a passage and cut to bits anything it encountered. Jareth made one chase Sarah and Hoggle after she defied him.
The Cleaners are so called because they disguise themselves as legitimate crime scene cleaners. They leave no evidence of their killings: they dispose of the bodies, spilled blood, spent ammunition casings, and possibly damage inflicted in the vicinity.
A detergent, alkali, acid or similar contamination removing material, which is usually water borne.
Vessels which remove dirt and foreign material from pulp by centrifugal action.
Auditorium working lights. Used for cleaning and setting up the auditorium before the house lights (usually more atmospheric) are switched on.
Keywords:  shop, dry
a shop where dry cleaning is done.