Definitions for "Lights"
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All of the light bulbs controlled by one switch are counted as one light. For example, a chandelier with multiple lights controlled by one switch is counted as one light. A floor lamp with two separate globes or bulbs controlled by two separate switches would be counted as two lights. Indoor and outdoor lights were counted if they were under the control of the householder. This would exclude lights in the hallway of multifamily buildings.
That which gives a luster of midday to objects up front. The congregation should not be well lit. That is not Seeker friendly. And since the Seeker is only accustomed to being with large groups of people at a theater, it would be stressful for him if his expressions could be seen by others.
Table or floor lamps can be used to stimulate Yang energy and can be placed anywhere in the home to energize an area such as on a table or in a dark corner of a room. The only thing to be wary of is the brilliance or harshness of the light emitted. A soft, warm glow is ideal.
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Openings between the mullions of a window.
The spaces between the mullions of a window.
A light shining out of the dark, or a flashlight beam, shows that you will finally find the truth in a situation or the answer to a personal problem that you have been searching for. If the light is dim, you will only find part of the solution.
Annoying synonym for Photocell, Beam, Cell. Click
System of 'traffic lights' located on the top table and each speaker's rostrum to indicate how much time a speaker has left. green light comes on as the speaker commences an amber light comes on when they have only one minute left red light comes on when they have used up all their time (five minutes allowed for speakers who are movers of motions and three minutes for all other speakers).
The "Christmas Tree" lighting in front of the starting gate. Gate drops on green light.
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See sefirah.
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Fighters using missile weapons.
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The lungs of an animal or bird; -- sometimes coarsely applied to the lungs of a human being.
The lungs of an animal, sold as offal.
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Adding lights may add some realism to your latest model. Here are some modules that are available off the shelf. more......
Cigarettes with a lighter tobacco taste than full flavors.
In door construction, beaded openings to receive glazing. -------- Back to the Top
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Sun and Moon.
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A Art Design tool like flash,Can play in web,Can edit by artist,Can write script,but it's 3D.
Lights shown by a vessel that indicate course, position, and type of vessel