Definitions for "offal"
The rejected or waste parts of any process, especially the inedible parts of a butchered animal, such as the viscera.
That which is thrown away as worthless or unfit for use; refuse; rubbish.
All organs and tissues removed from inside the animal during the slaughtering process.
Washes offal screens, moves offal trailers in a specific area.
Fall-off or excess wire screen material cut from a standard roll, in the slitting or fabricating process.
Excess wire screen material that, in the slitting or fabricating process, is cut from a standard roll.
The less valuable byproduct material from the preparation of a specific product; primarily refers to the byproducts of meat and poultry plants, e.g., blood, bone, feathers, fat.
Parts of hides and skins not normally used for making the finest grades of leather. The word used in this sense does not mean waste, because, in the heavy leather field, it refers to heads, shoulders and bellies to differentiate them from the more valuable bends. These parts are finished into serviceable leather for shoe uppers, gloves and other items.
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A dead body; carrion.
The name given to the dust and minute tobacco pieces produced during processing; too small to be used in the manufacture of tobacco products, offal is disposed of along with non-tobacco-related material.
Sheet metal section trimmed or removed from the sheet during the production of shaped blanks or the formed part. Offal is frequently used as stock for the production of small parts.