Definitions for "affiliated"
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Committees  Refers to political committees of the same filing type, established, financed, maintained or controlled by the same organization.  Note the same filing type attribute: if. a corporation maintains a federal PAC and a Michigan PAC, these two committees are not affiliated with each other. Affiliated Political Committees are pooled together as far as contribution limits are concerned.
Affiliated is the second high-quality latter-day MC Eiht album in a row, following the strong Veterans Day release from 2004. This renaissance is a quiet one for Eiht, as these albums are independently released and quite far off the mainstream radar. Yet that's partly their appeal: they don't sound like every other major-label rap album out there.
being joined in close association
Activities which are under the jurisdiction of a recognized governing body are known as affiliated. There are two such bodies active in Massachusetts, and they are the MASS and MYSA. These organizations, also known as State Associations, are responsible for registering players and coaches, organizing games, and many other activities according to their charter.
Closely linked to, or belonging to (e.g. a trade union)