Definitions for "IFA"
International federation of Aromatherapists
Irish Farmers Association
Indian Football Association
Immunofluorescent Antibody
indirect fluorescent assay
Indirect fluorescent antibody technique
Independent Fostering Agency
Independent Financial Advisers
International Financial Advisors
A system of divination that originated in West Africa among the Yoruba people. The system is also practised among believers in Santería, Candomblé, and similar transplanted African traditional religions in the New World.
Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant. A mineral oil-based substance that nonspecifically enhances the immune response to antigens.
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Inuvialuit Final Agreement
Integrated Functional Appraisal (Triennial technical safety reviews of each Division by the EH&S Division. )
See Institute of Field Archaeologists.
Institute of Foresters of Australia
Abbreviation for the Swiss Investment Fund Act. The currently valid Federal Law Governing Investment Funds was passed on 18 March 1994 and came into effect on 1 January 1995.
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Interim Fuel Assessment.
Impact fees Incidence of interest calculation