Definitions for "Advisor"
A department or college-based faculty member who helps a student achieve her or his educational goals by providing guidance on courses, program requirements, prerequisites, programs of study, and policies and procedures.
There are three, full-time professional advisors for General Engineering students. You are not assigned a specific advisor. You are free to see whichever advisor is available at the time, or if you prefer to work with one individual only, you can ask to see that person. When you enter a specific engineering major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor in that department.
A faculty member who provides information and makes recommendations on courses, requirements, prerequisites, and programs of study.
A person or organization employed by an individual or mutual fund to manage assets or provide investment advice. also called financial advisor or investment advisor or investment counsel. sometimes spelled adviser. see also analyst, newsletter, board of advisors.
The organization employed by a mutual fund to give professional advice on the fund's investments and to supervise the management of its assets.
an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
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SimpleString The advisor of record.
a person who is chosen by an accused clergy or diaconal minister (or who may be assigned by the Bishop) who serves to guide the accused in regard to due process issues as outlined in the Book of Discipline and this document
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See: SQLAccess Advisor.
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a privilege and there is no tenure
a person who conducts or directs research in that particular field, and who will act as a surrogate for the NRC in monitoring an Associate
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See Convening Advisor or Peer Advisor.
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a liason between you and your parents
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each has an area of insight that the other lacks
Advisor aims to be a comprehensive and widely available, free vulnerability database and management system.
Person required by law to advise the governors during the Performance Management process.
a collection of essays, opinions, and tips on various aspects of the marketing communications process
a leading publisher for financial executives in middle market mergers and acquisitions
An individual authorized to recommend grants from a donor-advised fund account. An advisor is named to a fund account by the account's donor. An advisor can also serve as a successor to the donor.
A mature person, man or woman 21 years or older, who is appointed to lead a Venturing Post.
a valuable resource for this information
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an information spirit
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See: Summary Advisor.
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a participant
Our term for a legal or financial professional who advises clients on important decisions.