Definitions for "Funds"
Net deposits/withdrawals against the account for the given period.
a welcome shift to many space experts
These usually involve some form of collective investment designed to spread the risks associated with investment in a single class of security
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Money; or sometimes, money plus assets which could be converted to money. see also mutual fund, external funds, Federal Funds.
The money, which a charity or organization uses for their expenses.
Money available for a qualified purpose, such as loan funds for F.H.A. insured loans, conventional loan funds, etc.
an allowable charge if the training is specifically related to the Part A program and designed to meet the specific educational needs of Part A participants and supplements, rather than supplants, State and local training
a nonprofit corporation that supports access to education by providing financial and other valued services to those who pursue, provide or promote education
a nonprofit corporation that works to enhance postsecondary-education preparedness, access and success by
a supportive partner to the states
Generic term describing all funding sources which support state government and its activities.
(also subject funds) Library-designated categories for the purchase of materials that support specific subjects at UTK. Although funds correspond to academic departments (e.g., geology, philosophy, psychology, etc.), the Libraries do not assign journals budgets to individual departments. Journal titles are assigned to funds to facilitate review by interested faculty and others.
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A term for USDCAD
a physical intrusion of property requiring application of the per se test articulated in Loretto v
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a recurring issue in our fellowship
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a major scholarship provider
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a technology innovator
a reflection of projected decreasing revenues from tobacco settlement payments
see working capital.
Generally, working capital or current assets - current liabilities. Sometimes used to refer to cash or to cash and marketable securities.
a large, complex organization, and members of its governing board are busy people
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Financial resources.
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a one year certificate