Definitions for "LIABILITIES"
Debt or other legal obligations arising out of transactions in the past which must be liquidated, renewed, or refunded at some future date.
sums of money for which account has to be made; for example, the liabilities of a company include its bank loans and overdraft, short term debts for goods and services received and its loan capital and the capital subscribed by shareholders. math : function symbol
Liabilities are sums owed by a company they are also known as creditors or payables.
These include both the decommissioning of nuclear power stations and other facilities, and the treatment, storage and eventual disposal of spent fuel and associated nuclear waste.
The costs involved in: decommissioning; the processing, long term management, storage and final disposal of waste materials and spent fuel; and the environmental remediation of nuclear sites.
The value of things owned by a business.
Debits of a business that have yet to be paid.
Total liabilities is the sum of your Short Market Value plus your Debit Balances from the prior trading day. Short Market Value is the market value of short positions held in your short account as of the prior day's market close. Increases in this figure mean that positions you have sold short are moving against you, or up. Each Monday, your short account will be marked to the market. The Short Market Value of the account is used to recalculate the proper level of collateralization to secure the short positions in the account. The Debit Balance reflects the closing debit balance as of the close on the prior trading day.
A broadly defined term implying legal or financial responsibilities to others.
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Insurance cover against accidents.