Definitions for "Stock Fund"
A mutual fund that is mostly made up of stocks.
An investment vehicle with assets primarily in equities. XYZ A-H I-Q term certain/joint life annuity This type of annuity provides you or your joint annuitant with regular payments for as long as you or your joint annuitant live. If you and your joint annuitant should die before the specified period of time (term certain), payments will continue to your beneficiary for the balance of the period. For example, a 10-year term certain/joint life annuity will provide your named beneficiary with regular payments for the remaining 4 years of the 10-year term certain if you and your joint annuitant should die after receiving regular payments for only 6 years.
A fund that invests primarily in stocks.
Generally seek to produce an increase in the value of their shares. Their objectives can range from moderate growth and moderate current income to long-term growth with income incidental.
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