Definitions for "Prerequisites"
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Some classes require that you take one or more other classes first. Consult the course descriptions in the Lane catalog to see the prerequisites for any class you plan to enroll in this term. If you try to register for a class that has a prerequisite that you have not completed, you will see the following error message in ExpressLane: “ PREQ and TEST SCORE-ERROR.
Each endorsement area has specific prerequisite requirements. Endorsement prerequisites are those courses required for endorsement in a certain subject, but need to be completed outside the MIT program.
Requirements or coursework that must be completed prior to or in conjunction with enrollment in a particular course. If students have not taken the appropriate requisites, they may be required to withdraw from the course.
Moves which are a requirement to be mastered before learning another move, for sound coaching reasons
The set of concepts that should be mastered before undertaking a new body of knowledge built upon these concepts
the previous education, training, experience, individual abilities, skills, or qualifications required for a person to undertake a particular program of study.
A prerequisite dependency requires another software object to be installed (configured) in order for the first fileset to be installed (configured). See Dependency.
LEED Green Building Rating System component. Compliance is mandatory for achieving certification but does not count toward the accumulation of points.
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Every task has a set (possiblity empty) of prerequisites. A prerequisite P to Task T is itself a task that must be invoked before Task T.