Definitions for "Concentration"
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The act or process of reducing the volume of a liquid, as by evaporation.
the relative abundance of a solute in a solution.
The ratio of mass or volume of solute present in a solution to the amount of solvent. The quantity of ethyl alcohol (or sugar) present in a known quantity of water.
Courses with a specialized emphasis within a major and/or option.
A spiritual methodology used in prayer to focus and integrate spiritual power as an activity of the will for the purpose of assimilating the truths or realities that one has "seen" through meditation so that they become a part of one's being and existence.
The ability to focus on relevant cues at the right time and to maintain this relevant focus for the duration of an event.
a designated program of study within a discipline or within a multidisciplinary field of knowledge
a seven subject sequence offered in a single discipline by a single department
a single area of study in liberal arts (cannot include coursework in Education)
Match a picture with its name in the alloted time to win. This game is played like the game known as Concentration, Memory or Match. There are multiple levels, a highscore, and soundtrack. This game might be helpful to someone learning Python and pyGame
a puzzle game, which can practise your memory
Concentration, also known as Memory or simply Pairs, is a card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn. The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. Concentration can be played with any number of players or as solitaire, and is an especially good game for young children, though adults may find it challenging and stimulating as well.
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Concentration: By Richard Earl Thompson - Stretched Canvas Size: 18" x 24" - Canvas Art «Concentration Picture of Chess Player By Richard Earl Thompson Stretched Canvas Size: 18" x 24"» «UNFRAMED-on Stretcher Bars Ready for framing Canvas Giclee Print Artist: Richard Earl Thompson Title: Concentration Item: RET-312G-1824 Stretched Canvas Size: 18" x 24"» (Chess and Painting - Chess & Art).
Concentration is a music album by artists Machines of Loving Grace which was released in 1993.
Refers to the extent to which members of a designated group are found in a particular occupational group or geographic area. If Aboriginal peoples are concentrated in one type of job, a high percentage of Aboriginal peoples work at that occupation.
a New Measure that Reflects the Extent of Axonal Pathology
The extent to which a market is supplied by a small number of organisations. For example, the market for jet aircraft is highly concentrated while the market for chocolate bars is not.
A mental factor that makes its primary mind remain on its object single-pointedly. Generally, the terms 'mental stabilization' and 'concentration' are interchangeable. More specifically, the term 'concentration' is used to refer to the nature of concentration, which is single-pointedness, and the term 'mental stabilization' is used to refer to the function of concentration, which is stability. See Joyful Path of Good Fortune and Understanding the Mind.
the practice of focusing your attention on what you're doing
complete attention; intense mental effort
great and constant diligence and attention
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LCLo Systemic
Concentration was the Indian policy adopted by the U.S. government in the late nineteenth century. Indians were persuaded to accept defined limits to their hunting ground. This enabled the government to negotiate with each tribe separately--a strategy of divide and conquer.
If a client has too few customers, resulting in risks for the client and the factor.
The amount of one client`s accounts receivable due... more
A proportion of a client's total accounts receivable that is due from one single customer
The act or process of removing the dress of ore and of reducing the valuable part to smaller compass, as by currents of air or water.
In addition to its general sense, means the unnatural collection or convergence of waters so as to discharge in a narrower width, and at greater depth or velocity.
(Also called compactness.) The fraction of sea surface area covered by ice, usually expressed in tenths. For example, 9/10 concentration implies that 90% of the local area is ice covered, with the remaining 10% being open water.
a useful method to assess percutaneous MBOCA absorption
an independent risk factor for sudden death in middle-aged men
an independent risk factor of ICU mortality
new technique for concentrating flavour (and acid and tannin) in less ripe vintages.
a notable accumulation of archaeological materials in a small area, such as a "concentration of flakes" etc.
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an inherited trait, it more likely comes through the mother, said Higley
a senior project consisting of a studio project and/or an extended paper that represents a coherent line of inquiry
concentration: focusing upon an object or ideal, which allows one to eliminate the rest of one's mental universe that is not carrying one toward the ultimate spiritual goal.
The principal by which resources are focused on a particular area, community or sector so that there is real impact and visibility
Margin account condition whereby one or two positions are heavily represented. Typically the brokerage firm carrying the account will require a higher level of equity to offset the risk. See the explanation of concentration.
the degree to which a few firms control the output and pricing decisions in a market
One of the principles of defense, it is the adversary of offensive width. Maintaining coverage of attackers in the dangerous scoring zones.
the spatial property of being crowded together
Aggregation of exposure to geographic area, asset type, counterparty or other risk.
increase in density
The perceived or actual density of a wine.... Comments
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Control Coupon
bringing together military forces
A distribution function that involves bringing goods from different locations together in one place.
The number of different shareholdings in a portfolio. The fewer the securities held, the more concentrated the portfolio is said to be.
The percentage of an active ingredient within a specific unit of measure. E.g., 20% chlorine.
Small units of time lasting anything from 3 seconds to several minutes (on good days).
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The ratio of pigment in paint to resins in paint.
Exceeding an established percentage (usually 25%) of one's cash or liquidity in a single investment.
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refers to the flavor intensity of a wine.
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The act or process of concentrating; the process of becoming concentrated, or the state of being concentrated; concentration.