Definitions for "ICU"
Intensive Care Unit. the 4-bed area in the Burn Center where patients who require more intensive/specialized care and monitoring due to the increased seriousness of their injury are placed.
Intelligent Controller Units
A hospital ward with specially equipped monitoring and resuscitating equipment where the goal is to use modern technology to prolong life as physicians attempt to cure the underlying life-threatening illness.
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International Component for Unicode
An acronym for International Components for Unicode. ICU is a set of open source libraries written in C and C++, developed and maintained by IBM.
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Issue and Containment Utility (Plexis): An in house system that contains and tracks any requests, bugs, or issues relating to a client. ICU also contains actual and estimated hours spent on an issue along with who is working on it and any updates.
Abbreviation for ISA Configuration Utility.
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The end of a game of 'Hide and Seek'.