Definitions for "Sub-Acute Care"
Care given to patients who require less than 30 days of inpatient care and who have a more stable condition than those receiving acute care.
Sub-acute Care is normally required after an acute episode of illness or injury and usually follows acute care. Sub-acute care may require technically complex procedures and services for patients who are out of the hospital but still need specialized medical services. Sub-acute care can be provided by home-health agencies, long-term care units of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities or sub-acute care facilities. Many sub-acute facilities and services may be located in a skilled nursing facility.
Typically following a stay in a hospital, this is maintenance care for serious medical conditions that are not urgent or life-threatening. Hospitals typically do not provide sub-acute care on an ongoing basis. Sub-acute care may include long-term ventilator care or other procedures provided on a routine basis either at home or by trained staff at a skilled nursing facility.