Definitions for "long-term care facility"
Any facility providing care on an indefinite basis, may include homes for the aged. nursing homes or chronic care hospitals.
Generally synonymous with a nursing home, but could also describe any residential facility which is considered a permanent home (such as a board and care home), and in which some degree of medical attention is provided.
For the purpose of Medicare Part D, CMS defines a long-term care facility as a skilled nursing facility, nursing facility, or medical institution where payment is made for an institutionalized individual under Medicaid. This also includes Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded and psychiatric hospitals. Not included in CMS' definition of a long-term care facility are assisted living facilities, boarding homes, or residential care homes.
any of several types of residences designed and operated to provide on-site assistance with basic activities of daily living and to monitor health and safety. See Chapter 4.