Definitions for "Nursing"
Supplying or taking nourishment from, or as from, the breast; as, a nursing mother; a nursing infant.
the profession of a nurse
nourishing at the breast
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a flexible programme allowing students in employment to take modules on a part-time basis
Nursing) This is a somewhat loose term used for the provision of care for the ill, the frail and the disabled. It does not necessarily mean that Registered Nurses are required although these services are available. DIAL-AN-ANGEL has a Home Nursing department that is able to provide carers (full-time, part-time or on an "as needed" basis) for its clients.
To play conservatively because one is losing and has little money left.
Playing very tight as a result of a short stack.
Playing very conservatively, usually with a small stack of chips. ("Nursing one's chips").
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Fondling cards.
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another word for breastfeeding.
a dynamic diverse group of honored, respected and compassionate professionals
Provision of services by or under the direction of a nurse to patients requiring assistance in recovering or maintaining their physical or mental health.
the actions taken by the nurse on behalf of, or in conjunction with the patient.
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School of Nursing Twin Cities.
Used in the medical classes and especially in RT to describe works of interest to nurses.