Definitions for "rcf"
Rock Characterisation Facility (specifically the one planned in Cumbria).
Remote Console Facility.
Report Controller Facility. A CICS-provided spooling program for use with the VSE/ESA operating system.
rcf is an ipchains-based firewall with support for over 50 protocols, masquerading, portforwarding, IP accounting and various protections. Unlimited public, private, DMZ and MZ interfaces are supported. Rules are defined per interface and DMZ/MZ clusters.
Relative Centrifugal Force. RCF is not strictly a force but rather the proportionality constant. When a centrifuge is used to enhance sedimentation or creaming, the square of the angular velocity times the distance of the dispersed species from the axis of rotation, when divided by the gravitational constant, g, yields the relative centrifugal force. It is substituted for g in Stokes' law to yield a sedimentation expression for centrifuges. Because RCF is expressed in multiples of g, it is also termed g-force or simply g's.
request confirm
Registration Confirmation message
The confirmation response from the H.323 gatekeeper to an H.323 endpoint.
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Refractory ceramic fiber
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Resin-coated foil
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Recycled fibre(s); pulp obtained from recovered paper processing
Remote Call Forwarding. Network technology that automatically forwards an incoming call from one telephone number to another; RCF can be used in a metered-ad test to determine advertising effectiveness.
A service of the phone company that allows a customer to have a local number in a distant area and have calls to that number forwarded to the customer's main number