Definitions for "DistAnt"
Far separated; far off; not near; remote; -- in place, time, consanguinity, or connection; as, distant times; distant relatives.
Reserved or repelling in manners; cold; not cordial; somewhat haughty; as, a distant manner.
far apart in relevance or relationship; "a distant cousin"; "a distant likeness"
Distant is the final posthumous album by Champaign, Illinois indie rock band Sarge. Released in 2000 on Mud Records, it features three demo versions of unreleased songs, six live songs, three cover songs, and two solo acoustic numbers by lead singer Elizabeth Elmore.
Separated; having an intervening space; at a distance; away.
Indistinct; faint; obscure, as from distance.
separated in space or time or coming from or going to a distance; "the distant past"; "distant villages"; "the sound of distant traffic"; "a distant sound"; "a distant telephone call"
Not conformable; discrepant; repugnant; as, a practice so widely distant from Christianity.
Universal heterogeneous distributed computing system.