Definitions for "BORESIGHT"
Keywords:  align, axis, antenna, optical, lobe
To align the electrical and optical axis of a radar. Used for camera mount alignment. Also pinpoints the direction a radar points toward, relative to True North.
The central axis of an antenna's main lobe, or the central axis about which the lobes of a multi-lobe radar are symmetrically positioned. The process of establishing the actual electrical beam center with respect to a mechanical indicator (boresight error). The initial alignment of a directional antenna system using an optical procedure or a fixed known target such as the sun.
The boresight is a measure of the deviation of the optical axis of the laser beam with respect to the mechanical axis of the laser housing. All Lasiris(tm) lasers are boresighted to less than 3 mrad (~0.17°) at a distance of 1 meters.