Definitions for "TILT "
Playing too loose and aggressively, especially after suffering a few bad beats.
to lose focus and play badly due to some emotional distraction. Generally used to describe a situation where a player is judging the cards, and their play of them, from an emotional point of view. usage: "He pulled a J8 and raised! For what? I think his short stack had him on tilt." eg: Any time a player is sweating the game, for whatever reason, they are almost certaily to be "on tilt".
When a machine malfunctions or stops working.
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To point or thrust, as a lance.
To point or thrust a weapon at.
To run or ride, and thrust with a lance; to practice the military game or exercise of thrusting with a lance, as a combatant on horseback; to joust; also, figuratively, to engage in any combat or movement resembling that of horsemen tilting with lances.
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The vertical movement of a luminaire.
in a position at an angle from the vertical or horizontal; to tilt or position something at an angle He tried to tilt his drawing board at a better angle for working. Don't tilt your chair or it will collapse.
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A camera move in which the camera head pivots in a vertical direction, down or up, from a stationary position. Follow movement, contrasts differences in size between two subjects, or given viewer point-of-view sense of a subject's height.
To point the camera up or down. Time Base Corrector - A device commonly used to synchronize video and adjust color balancing.
to turn or rotate the camera up or down in shooting.
To incline; to tip; to raise one end of for discharging liquor; as, to tilt a barrel.
To lean; to fall partly over; to tip.
Inclination forward; as, the tilt of a cask.
See deviation.
angle between the horizontal plane and the normal vector of a surface plane [°]   Flächenneigung
a slight but noticeable partiality; "the court's tilt toward conservative rulings"
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Tilt was a punk rock band. They released three albums on Fat Wreck Chords which were preceded by a debut album on Lookout! Records.
Tilt is a critically acclaimed 1995 album by Scott Walker.
Tilt is the fifth album from rock group Lightning Seeds. It was released in 1999.
The cloth covering of a cart or a wagon.
A cloth cover of a boat; a small canopy or awning extended over the sternsheets of a boat.
To cover with a tilt, or awning.
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A feature of the Intuos Pen and Airbrush tip and eraser that senses the angle of tilt between the tool and tablet. This is used to create natural-looking pen, brush, and eraser strokes in applications that support tilt-sensitivity.
Tilt is the third proper full-length by Shibuya kei artist Kahimi Karie. It features songs by Momus, Arto Lindsay and The Olivia Tremor Control, among others. The track "Pygmalism" was taken from the Momus-penned EP Journey To The Centre Of Me; "Do You Know The Time?" and "Metaphors" were reprised from Karie's Olivia Tremor Control collaboration EP Once Upon A Time of the same year.
The angle between the slope of a part of a volcano and some reference. The reference may be the slope of the volcano at some previous time.
The change in surface slope of a part of a subsidence trough.
The angular change in the slope of a volcano accompanying inflation or deflation of the volcano surface as magma moves up into it
A measure of warping or dishing of an optical disc. Tilt is of particular importance for DVD discs and must be kept within strict limits.
A mechanical measurement of the warp of a disc. Usually expressed in radial and tangential components: radial indicating dishing and tangential indicating ripples in the perpendicular direction.
To hammer or forge with a tilt hammer; as, to tilt steel in order to render it more ductile.
See Tilt hammer, in the Vocabulary.
TILT is a set of terminal logging and playback tools for auditing telnet and SSH connections made from a bastion host. It provides timestamped logs and real time playback of logs for incident reports, incident analysis or as a training aid
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Tilt is a group of electronic music producers composed of Andy Moor and Mick Parks.
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move sideways or in an unsteady way; "The ship careened out of control"
a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement; "they were involved in a violent argument"
Time domain parameter indirectly showing low frequency response distortion by checking Bar waveform. The tilt of the flat top of the bar is usually expressed as a percentage of the bar's amplitude, ignoring overshoots.
The adoption of a particular view on a sector by over- weighting portfolio in the direction of that sector, (eg. a portfolio with a high level of resource shares and low level of industrials would be described as having a resources tilt). Such a technique is commonly employed by index fund managers when clients indicate a desire for above- returns.
When a portfolio has a high level of shares in one sector, it is said to ‘tilt’ in the direction of that sector.
An active strategy attempts to out-perform a given benchmark by making strategic bets, or tilts, towards characteristics that research has shown to increase the probability of success. For example, a portfolio may be tilted towards value or growth meaning that the portfolio holds stocks that are better value and have better growth opportunities than the benchmark.
A linearized change in the frequency response of the CATV system caused primarily by the frequency dependent cable loss. Tilt is quantified by comparing the difference between the level of the highest channel's video carrier and that of the lowest channel.
Maximum difference in transmission gain of a cable television system over a given bandwidth (typically the entire forward operating frequency range).
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See obliquity.
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To open and close louvers using the tilter mechanism.
A covering overhead; especially, a tent.
A cargo carrying unit with a removable framework covered by a sheet (or Tilt). Used mainly on cross continental transport.
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Both sash of this window slide up and down to allow air into the room, as well as tilt into a room for easy cleaning on both sides.
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Covering for a load or stack.
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pitching dangerously to one side
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charge with a tilt
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See on tilt.