Definitions for "open"
Free to be used, enjoyed, visited, or the like; not private; public; unrestricted in use; as, an open library, museum, court, or other assembly; liable to the approach, trespass, or attack of any one; unprotected; exposed.
Often refers to a type of position (see Open Game) or file (see Open File). This term also refers to a type of tournament in which any class of player can participate. Though a player often ends up with opponents who are much higher (or lower) rated than himself, the prizes are usually structured around classes and, for this reason, are attractive to players of every rating. The open tournament is extremely popular in the United States and is beginning to be seen more and more in Europe.
An Open tournament is one that allows both amateur and professional golfers to compete.
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To call up an application or load in a file.
The open statement opens both sequential and random access files for input and output. Opening a sequential file: Open filespec For Input as #n. Opening a sequential file for output: Open filespec For Output as #n (warning: will delete any existing data!). For appending to an existing sequential file: Open filespec for Append as #n. For a random access file: Open filespec for Random as #n, Len = Len(recvar).
Command used to access a file that you already have created and saved.
Refers to nonpregnant females.
Teams made up of any combination of males and/or females.
(animal science) A term commonly used to refer to a non-pregnant female.
Order to buy or sell a security that stays active until it is completed or the investor cancels it.
Open (good till cancelled) order (GTC order) Open account
The status of an order that has not yet been executed. See: Good Til Canceled Order; Open Order; Orders
Free of access; not shut up; not closed; affording unobstructed ingress or egress; not impeding or preventing passage; not locked up or covered over; -- applied to passageways; as, an open door, window, road, etc.; also, to inclosed structures or objects; as, open houses, boxes, baskets, bottles, etc.; also, to means of communication or approach by water or land; as, an open harbor or roadstead.
Free or cleared of obstruction to progress or to view; accessible; as, an open tract; the open sea.
Open or unobstructed space; clear land, without trees or obstructions; open ocean; open water.
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The first price of a given security or commodity in a trading session; here also called opening.
To make known; to discover; also, to render available or accessible for settlements, trade, etc.
To enter upon; to begin; as, to open a discussion; to open fire upon an enemy; to open trade, or correspondence; to open an investigation; to open a case in court, or a meeting.
This is a communication command to allow the user to open a point to point communication channel.
The referee's command for a wrestler to change his position and adopt more open tactics.
A command from the referee telling a wrestler to change his position and adopt more open tactics. If the wrestler doesn't respond, the referee will issue a caution for passive obstruction.
To make or set open; to render free of access; to unclose; to unbar; to unlock; to remove any fastening or covering from; as, to open a door; to open a box; to open a room; to open a letter.
To unclose; to form a hole, breach, or gap; to be unclosed; to be parted.
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A frame that doesnt include a strike or spare.
A frame without a strike or a spare, pins are left standing after two shots.
Failing to get a strike or convert a spare.
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The announcement by a dog that a track has been located.
Open is an indie Australian Pop/rock band consisting of singer Gabrielle Rogers (sister of You Am I front man Tim Rogers), guitarist Daniel Pugliese (Rainhouse) and drummer Pete Neville (Resin Dogs, Trout Fishing In Quebec) as well as Paul Bianco and bass guitarist Jack Friels (son of actors Colin Friels and Judy Davis).
Uttered with a relatively wide opening of the articulating organs; -- said of vowels; as, the än fär is open as compared with the a in say.
Uttered, as a consonant, with the oral passage simply narrowed without closure, as in uttering s.
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A cat that is not yet a Champion.
A cat at least 8 month old that has not yet received six winner's ribbons (see definition of Champion).
Without reserve or false pretense; sincere; characterized by sincerity; unfeigned; frank; also, generous; liberal; bounteous; -- applied to personal appearance, or character, and to the expression of thought and feeling, etc.
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To pull apart, referring to contacts in a relay or switch. When the circuit is opened, the contacts are no longer touching, and no current flows.
A wiring circuit that's not connected. In a patch panel an open patch is one where the top jack isn not wired to the jack immediately below it (unless a patch cable is used). In general wiring, an open means there’s a broken wire such that no electricity can flow through that wire. See short
a break in a circuit path
(adj.) Uncongested and open organization of flowers in an inflorescence.
Loose, spreading (e.g., inflorescences, with few spikelets and long branches).
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Not concealed or secret; not hidden or disguised; exposed to view or to knowledge; revealed; apparent; as, open schemes or plans; open shame or guilt; open source code.
To disclose; to reveal; to interpret; to explain.
A wine that reveals a full character.
A bearing that operates with no seals or shields
Kettle canning A non-recommended canning method. Food is supposedly adequately heat processed in a covered kettle, and then filled hot and sealed in sterile jars. Foods canned this way have low vacuums or too much air, which permits rapid loss of quality in foods. Moreover these foods often spoil because they become recontaminated while the jars are being filled.
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Not of a quality to prevent communication, as by closing water ways, blocking roads, etc.; hence, not frosty or inclement; mild; -- used of the weather or the climate; as, an open season; an open winter.
Not settled or adjusted; not decided or determined; not closed or withdrawn from consideration; as, an open account; an open question; to keep an offer or opportunity open.
A term used to describe a position where pawns do not block the mobility of the pieces around some or all of the board. This is the opposite of a closed position. Category: Glossary 1 visitor(s) thought this was helpful. Do you
Open is a monthly Mexican lifestyle magazine published by Editorial Metrosexual. Founded in 2005, the magazine covers different topics in each issue, such as art, cars, travel, restaurants, sex, gadgets and every other subject related to trendy men.
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The Open Programming Language (OPL) is an embedded programming language for portable devices that run the Symbian Operating System, which can be found on e.g. the Nokia 9200, 9300 and 9500 Communicator series mobile telephone/PDA and the Sony Ericsson's P900, P990, M600 and W950 series. OPL is an interpreted language similar to BASIC.
A discontinuity in an electrical conductor or piece of electrical equipment.
Two electrically connected points that are separated due either to overetching or fabrication-related problems, by insufficient solder from wicking or gross non-planarity of the leads at the point of connection.
an inadvertent disconnect between two points designed to be electrically connected
A list that allows anyone to subscribe themselves without permission of the list owner.
tr. v. The process of creating and/or causing to be accessible a display list or one of its segments. Opening must be done before operations can affect it. Contrast close.
An open list lets users subscribe themselves without approval from the list owner. It does not let users subscribe an address other than the one in the e-mail header. List owners can make their lists open by writing to [email protected] and requesting it. See also: closed, confidential
Free; disengaged; unappropriated; as, to keep a day open for any purpose; to be open for an engagement.
(i) The side to which the thrower is being forced (or a pass/cut to this side). (ii) Sometimes used to describe being free to receive a pass.
See " free"
Status of an active solicitation that is or will be accepting proposals.
Proposal sent to creditor; pending acceptance.
The status of a claim which is pending settlement.
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Texture description referring to a cheese which contains openings and holes in its body. The opposite of close.
pit mine a large scale mining operation that removes materials from the surface of a site. A large hole or "pit" remains unless the land is reshaped
Cheese with openings or holes in it.
Not closed or stopped with the finger; -- said of the string of an instrument, as of a violin, when it is allowed to vibrate throughout its whole length.
Produced by an open string; as, an open tone.
used of string or hole or pipe of instruments
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ˈopn̩] = low
an unexecuted order that is still valid.
Market positions that have not been offset, i.e. still capable of delivery.
An order that has yet to be executed and is still valid. An open position puts a trader at risk if the market prices rise or fall, i.e. the trader is vulnerable to movements in the exchange rate.
"Opened" messages include HTML emails that have been fully opened in the email client or viewed in a preview pane, as long as images have been enabled. Opens are generally tracked by inserting a small clear image in an HTML message. When a message is opened and images are enabled, the image calls the server and the message is then counted as an open. Text messages cannot be tracked as opened because they cannot include images. (Within EmailLabs reporting, however, when a user clicks on a link in a Text message, that is reported as an open.)
the Image Properties dialog for this new image.
Object Oriented Process, Environment and Notation / Openly available / To access, more information ...
make available; "This opens up new possibilities"
become available; "an opportunity opened up"
Exposed to the environment, not closed.
The situation of a place exposed to the wind and sea. It is also expressed of any distant object to which sight or passage is not intercepted.
A style of setting in which the facets are exposed to light. The stone is usually supported by a circle of prongs or an open back setting in which the gold beneath the stone has been cut away.
Not drawn together, closed, or contracted; extended; expanded; as, an open hand; open arms; an open flower; an open prospect.
To spread; to expand; as, to open the hand.
To expand; to spread out; to be disclosed; as, the harbor opened to our view.
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status indicating that a ticket is getting worked on.
A Ticket is Open if it still needs to be dealt with. Dealing with a ticket means either replying to it or changing its status if it does not need to be replied to.
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shows that are open to exhibitors of all ages.
Source Open Source is the term used to describe code or software that has been developed for the public good. No copyright is retained and the code is shared freely among application developers.
Free for anyone to use. The opposite to proprietary. The specifications for the Internet (TCP/IP, HTML, HTTP, etc) are all open. Software products (such as Linux and Apache) where the source code is freely available and know as Open Source products.
generally denotes that an area is available for a particular use or uses. Refer to specific program definitions found in law, regulations, or policy guidance for application to individual programs. For example, 43 CFR 8340.0-5 defines the specific meaning of “open” as it relates to OHV use.
begin or set in action, of meetings, speeches, recitals, etc.; "He opened the meeting with a long speech"
To start an action or begin working with a text, data or graphics file.
v.i. to begin a side's innings as one of the initial two batsmen batting. v.t. to open(1) a side's innings. to open the attack.
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make the opening move; "Kasparov opened with a standard opening"
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To make a clay more open or porous in structure by adding fillers or grog.
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mike a policy to allow anyone to get on stage and try to be funny.
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To enter upon; to spread out; to make accessible.
A style of competition where both males and females may enter.
A style of competition in which both men and women may enter.
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Gain access to a device. The kernel calls the pfx open() entry when the user process issues an open() system call.
Opens a previously created annotation session. open session tutorial
undisguised, public, manifest; not exclusive or limited
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a racket angle that allows the bottom of the ball to be struck
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Type Tables Each opentype font contains a collection of tables each of which contains a certain kind of information. See here for the tables used by PfaEdit.
describes an attacking player who does not have anyone marking him.
when a player is unguarded by a defender.
Exhibiting qualities of delicacy, air, and fine detail. Giving an impression of having no upper-frequency limit.
In open headphones the space behind and in front of the diaphragm lets through sound. Open ear cushions provide more transparent and natural sound image. These headphones tend to be light-weight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.
Advanced division in which competitors are not restricted by previous winnings.
Opens the mailbox and/or message when a message is received. If you set a previous action to filter messages into a mailbox, then that mailbox is opened.
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An open is a complete break in a line. For example: An underground cable that has been cut with a shovel.
End Credit: A line of credit that may be used repeatedly, including credit cards, overdraft credit accounts, and home equity lines.
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State - The state a pinch valve is in when the tubing is not pinched.
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1. To start a program like Paint. 2. To make visible a window like the Control Panel. 3. To display a document in an appropriate program.
This can mean to run a program, to maximize the program if it has been minimized, or that a window has come up on the computer screen.
To start an application by sending an open message to create an instance of an application model. The term "open" also means causing a window to display.
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To bark on scent or view of the game.
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To loosen or make less compact; as, to open matted cotton by separating the fibers.
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a lack of continuity between pins at both ends of the cable
The pins that remain standing after both balls have been bowled.
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Button in the Standard Toolbar that allows you to choose which document you would like to work on.
Of software, especially an operating system, signifying that it conforms to a well-known internal architecture and set of standards, or that it is not restricted to use on a single brand of computer, or that it is manufactured and maintained by many vendors, or some combination of these. Contrasts with proprietary.
an area of the city in which families do not have a guaranteed elementary community school
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A location that is not sheltered from the wind and seas.
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To give tongue on hitting the line.
FRACTURE. Loss of continuity of bone with exposure to the outside environment ("compound" fracture)
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Any time the counter is open for taking wagers.
This is used to describe a purchase order in which none of the items have been received.
Customer record that at a specific time reflects an unpaid balance for goods and services ordered without delinquency.
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To open is to rotate part of one's body in such a way pointed on a line away from the center of the lane.
The highest advertising rate before any discounts are earned.
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This refers to a tank where the top is open to the atmosphere.
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The position of children's mouths when they eat in front of company.
Part of a browser that allows you to type in an URL (web address) and directly connect to the associated website.
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a possibility, but does not have a great record there
a management system offering an effective increase in productivity for test bed operations
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Having buy or sell interest.
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opens an existing document.
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opening opening purchase
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In this form, projects can be opened.