Definitions for "CHRONICLES"
Chronicles is a compilation album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1990 (see 1990 in music). It was also re-released on a single DVD in 2001, showcasing music video highlights from the band from 1977 to 1987.
Chronicles was the twelfth set, released in July 1995.
Chronicles is a compilation album by The Velvet Underground. It was initially released for the Australian market by Mercury Records in 1991 as part of their "Startrax" series of budget compilations. The album was also made available in Europe.
Chronicles is a U.S. monthly magazine published by the paleoconservative Rockford Institute. Official web site Its full current name is Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. The magazine is known for promoting anti-globalism and anti-intervention stances within conservative politics. Conservativism, Chronicles and Paleoconservativism, American Conservative Union Foundation. The editor is Thomas Fleming; the executive editor is Scott P.
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a remake of the original NES CASTLEVANIA but with an Arrange mode where you can change a few settings (as well as the original mode)