Definitions for "break"
To strain apart; to sever by fracture; to divide with violence; as, to break a rope or chain; to break a seal; to break an axle; to break rocks or coal; to break a lock.
To interrupt; to destroy the continuity of; to dissolve or terminate; as, to break silence; to break one's sleep; to break one's journey.
To destroy the completeness of; to remove a part from; as, to break a set.
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To open spontaneously, or by pressure from within, as a bubble, a tumor, a seed vessel, a bag.
To make an abrupt or sudden change; to change the gait; as, to break into a run or gallop.
To fail in musical quality; as, a singer's voice breaks when it is strained beyond its compass and a tone or note is not completed, but degenerates into an unmusical sound instead. Also, to change in tone, as a boy's voice at puberty.
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When your total exceed 21. For example when you have a 7 and a 5, you then hit and receive a Q – your total is 22 and you 'bust'.
To exceed 21. Synonymous with "bust," though less commonly used.
ruin completely; "He busted my radio!"
To fall in business; to become bankrupt.
To fall out; to terminate friendship.
An interruption of continuity; change of direction; as, a break in a wall; a break in the deck of a ship.
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A fortunate result from an errant delivery. Also, the point at which a ball rolling down the lane changes direction.
In putting it is the curve due to the slope in a green. In a golf shot, a player may say, " I got a good break." ( a favorable or unfavorable sharp bounce/roll to the left or right.)
The curve the ball makes as it rolls toward the hole on the green. Also is a reference to the slope of the green.
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A referee's order for boxers to step back and separate if they are in a clinch.
an attempt to retrieve without the handler's command to do so.
A referee's order to step back from a clinch.
Total consecutive points scored by a player in one inning/turn. Usefulness: N/A(0 ratings) by wickedwillie () Rate It! this definition is ... useful somewhat useful incorrect spam / offensive
a series of wickets scored by a player in one turn using one other ball (two-ball break), two other balls (three-ball break) or with all balls in play (four-ball break).
a number of points scored by one player in one single visit to the table
a bit slower then the previous songs, but it has a fine feeling and great refrain
a rap talk song
a short interlude during which you do not consciously work or interact with the lesson
A short unaccompanied lead-in to a solo
Jazz term for a short improvised solo without accompaniment that "breaks" an ensemble passage or introduces an extended solo.
During a tune this occurs when all the band members stop playing except the one who is improvising a solo.
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To open up; to be scattered; to be dissipated; as, the clouds are breaking.
the opening shot that scatters the balls in billiards or pool
make the opening shot that scatters the balls
The gaining of space (and thus more freedom of movement) by the advance of a pawn. In our diagram, White intends to open lines of attack on the queenside by the break c4-c5 (prepared by b2-b4). Black will strive to attack White on the kingside by an …f7-f5 break.
A pawn move that proposes a pawn trade in order to increase space or relieve a cramped position.
A pawn advance that opens up a blocked position.
the transverse juncture where the forward, angled part of a hull bottom meets the afterplane on a three-point hydroplane.
The section on a three-point hyrdroplane where the afterplane meets the forward part of the hull bottom.
A break is when you bet your strong hand very forcefully to win the pot. Most often your opponent will need to go all-in.
When the cards of a suit in the hands of the opponents are split evenly, or nearly evenly, so that neither opponent has a particularly large or small holding in that suit, then suit is said to break. The corollary is a "bad break" when the suit does not split evenly. See also distribution.
(1) (noun) the division of the adversely held cards in a suit; [A three-two break = finding one opponent with three of the missing five cards and the other with two.].(2) (verb) defeat (a contract);(3) (verb) make the first lead in (a suit).
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To burst forth; to make its way; to come to view; to appear; to dawn.
To burst forth violently, as a storm.
The first appearing, as of light in the morning; the dawn; as, the break of day; the break of dawn.
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Start of race; accustoming a young horse to saddle and rider.
Harness horse changing to a different gate than the one specified in the race in which they are competing.
1) To train a young horse to wear a bridle and saddle, carry a rider and respond to a rider's commands. Almost always done when the horse is a yearling. 2) To leave from the starting gate.
To be crushed, or overwhelmed with sorrow or grief; as, my heart is breaking.
The finals rounds in a tournament. Teams in the finals have ‘made the break' or ‘broken' (don't ask why, nobody seems to know). At tournaments, the break is not usually announced until about midnight on Break Night, the biggest party of the week, keeping everyone in suspense and providing a great excuse to get drunk to celebrate or drown their sorrows.
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A tear in a roll of face material or release liner. Such defects are generally splices and marked by a flag during printing.
A rupture of a paper web during the manufacturing or printing process that results in a tear from edge to edge.
Total rupture of a web of paper during the manufacturing or printing process which results in a tear from edge to edge. Breaks in mill rolls are spliced together and marked with flags to call the attention of press operators to potential difficulties.
To destroy the arrangement of; to throw into disorder; to pierce; as, the cavalry were not able to break the British squares.
To destroy the official character and standing of; to cashier; to dismiss.
assign to a lower position; reduce in rank; "She was demoted because she always speaks up"; "He was broken down to Sargeant"
A slight opening secretly in a deck of cards.
A minute division held in the pack to mark the position of a number of cards or of a single card. In conjuring the break is usually employed when the pack is held in the left hand as for dealing. The flesh at the outermost phalange of the little finger is pressed against the division at the right side at the inner corner (the finger tip is not inserted between the packets) and the remaining fingers are held together at the same side, concealing the subterfuge. This break is often taken by the ball of the right thumb at the inner end of the pack, prior to an overhand shuffle, the fingers being at the outer end. The cards are shuffled into the left hand until those above the break have dropped; the remaining cards are then thrown upon those in the left hand. This is an easy method much used to bring a desired card to the top of the pack.
1. To have a final card total which exceeds 21. 2. To break a deck means to shuffle prematurely, which is also commonly referred to as a preferential shuffle or shuffling up.
This is the hot break or cold break. It is where the proteins precipitate.
Visible particles of protein and other matter that form in wort during boiling and cooling.
n. Precipitation of undesired proteins within a wort. The terms hot break and cold break are used to describe both the event and the material substance of this precipitation. Hot break usually occurs within the first ten minutes of a wort boil, and looks like pea-sized flakes or granules floating in the wort. Cold break occurs during the cooling of a wort from boiling to yeast- pitching temperature, and the precipitation is more thorough the more rapidly the temperature is lowered by the brewer.
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Unable or unwilling to maintain discipline, a dog leaves the line prior to being sent by the handler.
To correct a dog from exhibiting unwanted behavior or chasing unwanted game.
Attempt of a dog to retriever before released
give up; "break cigarette smoking"
This can refer to either a break to cover or a paintball break in the barrel. The first happens at the beginning of the game as you run to your bunker (see below) the second, right when you really need to hit someone bunkering you.
No, not when it's time for a smoke. This is the very first part of a match where everyone is running for their Primary Bunkers and/or Keying/Laning.
a chance to rush the opposing team when their forwards are out of position
a favorable opportunity or a chance
a four-part documentary series that gives four people the chance to change their lives by experiencing a job they've only dreamed about doing
in television and radio media scheduling, the time period between programs or between segments of a single program that is available for commercials, announcements, or news briefs.
The time during the show that commercials are played
A break in the program between segments designated for commercials, public service announcements or station promotions.
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Production of a side shoot after removal of the growing point.
The development of lateral shoots after pruning a shoot back to an axillary bud
A shoot growing from the axil on a plant.
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A signal sent to a program to tell it to halt what it is doing. The Ctrl-C key or Ctrl-Break key is used to send this signal. Some external commands abort when they receive a break signal; others return to a previous screen or menu, or abort the current operation.
Sets or clears extended CTRL+C checking.
A rapid and sharp price decline. Related: Crash
A rapid and sharp decline in price.
(1) An expression used in radiocommunication meaning "I hearby indicate the separation between portions of the message." Note: To be used where there is no clear distinction between the various portions of the message. Fr: « Break »(2) DND: An expression used in radiocommunications to instruct a pilot to execute a rapid level turn. see also: overhead break Fr: « Virez...
A unit of two steps where the second step is taken in exactly the opposite direction from the first. Conjunto de dos pasos en la que el segundo se da exactamente en sentido contrario que el primero.
a heartfelt portrayal of Gold's emotions, both positive and negative, during his ups and downs of the past few years
an extremely well-done and enjoyable album, and Alex Gold is to be commended for bringing his deft production and writing skills to the masses in a more easily obtainable format (cause hey, I only have so much time to hunt down obscure import singles
a title referring both to a hiatus that has kept him out of the limilight for the past few years, as well as to a very serious paragliding accident injuring his spinal cord, and forcing that hiatus on him
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To diminish the force of; to lessen the shock of, as a fall or blow.
lessen in force or effect; "soften a shock"; "break a fall"
To dismantle, interfere with, render inoperative, sabotage, mess up, trash, cause pandemonium.
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A linebreak (Deprecated)
exits from current for, while, or until loop.
A keyword in C and C++, as well as some other C-like languages, that terminates the innermost loop and returns control to the end of the statement block of that loop.
break out of for, while, or do loop
To lay open as by breaking; to divide; as, to break a package of goods.
To lay open, as a purpose; to disclose, divulge, or communicate.
An open (disconnected) circuit condition caused by a switch, damage to a conductor, etc.
The natural crease created across the vamp of the shoe from everyday wear.
The wrinkle formed in the camp of a shoe across the ball when the shoe is flexed in wear. A properly fitted shoe will break so that the wrinkle is neither noticeable nor uncomfortable. An improperly fitted shoe may have a break that is both noticeable and irritating to the foot.
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an auction term describing a tea lot for sale, usually at least 18 chests
a lot different then a "cut"
auction term referring to a lot for sale, usually 18 chests or more.
an uncorrected (unspliced) and unintentional separation of continuous forms.
A downward price movement that goes below previous important lows and continues to carry downward. The term usually applies to dramatic downward movements after the market has been moving horizontally in a "line" for a sustained period.
A continuous low on the DMX512 line for 88µs or more indicating the start of a new packet of information. This signal is also known as RESET.
Keywords:  suddenly, pent, anger, violently, erupt
force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up; "break into tears"; "erupt in anger"
change directions suddenly
As seen in the Persian breeds, a distinct change in the direction of the nose profile.
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an unexpected piece of good luck; "he finally got his big break"
a good thing anyway - same as scrums
a good time to have a snack that is low in sugar, such as nuts, fruit, yogurt or cheese
To impart, as news or information; to broach; -- with to, and often with a modified word implying some reserve; as, to break the news gently to the widow; to break a purpose cautiously to a friend.
Initial news coverage of an event.
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a number of poeents sco'ed by one player in one seengle visit ta th' table
When a liquid looses its emulsification and separates. When referring to dairy products, this may also be referred to as curdling.
Loosely used to describe a large-scale regional shear zone or structural fault.
Keywords:  indentation, nose, eyes, bridge, deep
a deep indentation at the bridge of the nose, between the eyes or just below the eyes
an indentation of the nose at about eye level or between the eyes
To infringe or violate, as an obligation, law, or promise.
act in disregard of laws and rules; "offend all laws of humanity"; "violate the basic laws or human civilization"; "break a law"
fail to agree with; be in violation of; as of rules or patterns; "This sentence violates the rules of syntax"
Drop clasped hands. Generally used to change position.
a popular relaxablog for busy people who drop in for a brief diversion from their hectic lives, and for tips on managing their time and money
1 A change or reverse of direction 2 See Rhythm Break
a passage inserted in a performance while the rhythm is suspended, like a cadenza acting as a retarding element.
reduce to bankruptcy; "My daughter's fancy wedding is going to break me!"; "The slump in the financial markets smashed him"
a best selling woman's magazine which takes you away from the world of celebrities and gives you a slice of real life
a cross between a puzzle magazine, and a lifestyle magazine
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A large four-wheeled carriage, having a straight body and calash top, with the driver's seat in front and the footman's behind.
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else int short try
To draw a card instead of standing pat in Lowball. A player who has a pat nine discards the nine to draw one card to try to improve his hand.
(SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
(1) An event, such as a change in the value of an expression, that may occur while SQL*Plus processes a query or report. You can direct SQL*Plus to perform various operations, such as printing subtotals, whenever specified breaks occur. (2) An Oracle Data Browser option from the Fields menu, which allows you to suppress duplicate field values in the Results Window, and sort the data in your query by values for the specified break field(s). You can also direct Oracle Data Browser to perform various summary operations, such as calculating an average, whenever specified breaks occur. See also break field.
Keywords:  lose, win, game, faculties, noun
To become weakened in constitution or faculties; to lose health or strength.
when the receiving player or team wins the game, thereby breaking serve
When the person who is serving loses the game
Keywords:  squiggle, zigzag, graph, axis, deciding
a zigzag on the line of the x- or y-axis in a line or bar graph indicating that the data being displayed do not include all of the values that exist on the number line used. Also called a Squiggle.
Deciding how much text shall appear on each line or page of a document.
happen or take place; "Things have been breaking pretty well for us in the past few months"
happen; "Report the news as it develops"; "These political movements recrudesce from time to time"
Failure of an adhesively bonded assembly when subjected to excessive loads and/or hostile environmental conditions such as exposure to excessively high or low temperatures, aggressive solvents etc; failures can also occur as the results of inadequate joint design or contamination of the surfaces to be bonded by oils, grease, particulates and so on. It can also result from insufficient adhesive application to a joint.
A frame in which a series of strikes ends.
any frame in which a bowler fails to make a strike or spare; "the break in the eighth frame cost him the match"
a deliberately-generated serial line framing error
Keywords:  alibi, flaw, find, proof, solution
find a flaw in; "break an alibi"; "break down a proof"
find the solution or key to; "break the code"
(geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other; "they built it right over a geological fault"
A split or crack in an item, an image layer or a support.
A horizontal crack.
Instead of logging out for unspecified periods during a day, an agent would ideally take a break, selecting the relevant break, e.g., lunch or morning coffee break. This provides better information within Q-Desktop and Reports.
Keywords:  stroll, block, around
a stroll around the block
Keywords:  unbroken, surf, collapse, waves, ocean
A spot which forms ocean surf waves to form.
1. Collapse of an unbroken wave 2. The area in the zone where the waves are breaking.
Keywords:  hyphen, space
a space or hyphen
the act of breaking something; "the breakage was unavoidable"
a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something
Keywords:  covert, fox, run, get
Run/Get away
A fox breaks covert when it runs from it.
Keywords:  smokey, highway, road, respond, station
Often used to initiate communications with another station. Used in a variety of ways,- e.g., break for information (request to anyone who hears the call to respond with information), break for anyone on (request, usually for a Smokey report or road conditions), for anyone on a certain highway, etc.
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See Commutator.
A signal to "break in" when the opposite party or unit is sending. A feature of dial point-to-point teletypewriter systems operating in half duplex.
Keywords:  throw, marker, implements, trying, cut
The side to which the marker is trying to prevent the throw (or a pass/cut to this side).
do implements protected throw
Statement used to cause program execution to branch out of the current block of code enclosed by braces.
A Java keyword used to resume program execution at the statement immediately following the current statement. If followed by a label, the program resumes execution at the labeled statement.
Keywords:  jail, carefully, escape, planned
an escape from jail; "the breakout was carefully planned"
Keywords:  ven, zero, revenues, profit, expenses
ven - the level of revenues and expenses at which a project would make zero profit.
prevent completion; "stop the project"; "break off the negociations"
We use this term to refer to any of the crystal columns that make up the stem of the chandelier.
(also known as Banner) is a column heading in data tabulations to represent a particular sub-group.
Keywords:  losers, winners, row, take, you
what you take when you have either 2 winners or 5 losers in a row
the occurrence of breaking; "the break in the dam threatened the valley"
Keywords:  dormant, branch, whole, send, tree
break a piece from a whole; "break a branch from a tree"
To branch or send out new growth from dormant wood.
Keywords:  kids, dancing, corner, street
do a break dance; "Kids were break-dancing at the street corner"
A term used for any out of balance condition. A money break means debits and credits are not equal. A trade break means some information, such as contra-broker, is missing to complete the trade.
surpass in excellence; "She bettered her own record"; "break a record"
a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions); "they hoped to avoid a break in relations"
Keywords:  story, jumps, page, gathered, turns
The point at which a story turns from the first page to an inside page.
The part of a story that is continued on another page. Sometimes several breaks are gathered together on a "break page." Also called jumps.
A large motor carrier terminal which separates composite loads into individual shipments and then routes them to different destinations. Also known as Breakbulk Terminal, Hub, or Distribution Center.
The term used to indicate that the price and trading restrictions of the Agreement Among Underwriters contract have been terminated and that security is trading or expected to trade at a discount from its initial offering price.
a period of time in which you undertake no driving or other work (such as loading/unloading)
Keywords:  chart, rows, data, entities, multiple
1] Within a report, a break on an Object allows the insertion of titles or calculations after each group of data rows containing the same value for the break Object. [2] Within a chart, a break on an Object allows the results of calculations to be shown based on each group of data rows containing the same value for the break Object.
a special type of chart that displays data for multiple similar entities on a single chart
Keywords:  weaker, wool, spot, abnormally, length
Wool that is abnormally weaker in one spot along the fiber length.
Keywords:  shatter, fragments, pieces, reduce
To shatter to pieces; to reduce to fragments.
Keywords:  candy, smaller, bill, buy, exchange
exchange for smaller units of money; "I had to break a $100 bill just to buy the candy"
Keywords:  mandatory, crews, rest, driving, period
Mandatory rest period for driving crews.
Keywords:  foam, crust, cupping, settled, bottom
o break into the top layer of foam and grounds that have not settled to the bottom of the glass during cupping. (See also Crust.)
Keywords:  weaken, spirit, impair, mind, health
To weaken or impair, as health, spirit, or mind.
To apply sufficient stress to a material to cause it to fail in either tension or compression.
Keywords:  strain, expected, result
expected result from too much strain
A device for checking motion, or for measuring friction. See Brake, n. 9 & 10.
To exchange for other money or currency of smaller denomination; as, to break a five dollar bill.
The place where type is divided; may be the end of a line or paragraph, or as it reads best in display type.
Keywords:  safe, comfortable, vision, save, care
a vision care program which helps you to save and protect your eyes and make your work with computer more effective, comfortable and safe
Keywords:  spins, pitch, hitting, delivery, side
A delivery that spins to either side of the pitch after hitting the surface.
a passage, usually done by one instrument or related to what may be different from the other parts of the composition
a section in which one or more instruments are featured by taking out all the other instruments
Keywords:  recess, projection, face, building
A projection or recess from the face of a building.
Keywords:  fast, see
see fast break.
Keywords:  automated, vary, process, may
an automated process and results may vary
Keywords:  built, section, called
the section called “The break built-in
Term used to describe price moving higher through a resistance level or lower...
Keywords:  element
The break Element
Keywords:  american, 'borrow, term
American term for 'Borrow'.
Keywords:  addition, second, work, body, rate
a second-rate addition to their body of work
Keywords:  table, order, change, value
a value change in an order by table
Keywords:  material, see
see break material
Keywords:  borrow, see
See borrow.
Keywords:  service, see
See "service break"