Definitions for "Charging"
when an offensive player runs into a defender who has established position; this is an offensive foul
Skating, jumping or charging violently into an opposing player (2,5).
Taking more than three strides before deliberately checking an opponent.
Act of empowering an herb, stone or other magickal object with one's own energies directed towards a magickal purpose.
"charging" a battery is a misnomer for "energising" it. It means putting energy into the battery by forcing a current through the battery, against the battery's emf. The term charging is misleading because the total charge in the battery is always the same; although mobile charge passes through the battery during "charging" and "discharging" what matters is the state of the chemicals in the battery and the energy that you can get from it.
The procedure to convert the chemicals in a storage battery to their original conditions by passing a higher voltage electrical current through the plates and electrolyte. Charging reverses the discharge of a battery and attempts to restore it to a useful state of charge.
what prosecutors do to defensemen.
the initial legal process where the prosecutor files court paper (by Criminal Complaint or Indictment) accusing a person of committing specific crime(s).
excitation of a phosphorescent material, usually by incident light
The feeding of a single load of raw materials into the furnace.
Insertion of a load of material into a furnace.
The process of establishing charges in respect of business units, and raising the relevant invoices for recovery from customers.
The process of establishing charges and raising invoices for recovery of costs
Where people are asked to pay towards the costs for receiving community care services. This is based upon a thorough financial assessment which takes into account various factors, including income, the level of service, and savings.
As security for borrowing, a lender commonly takes a charge over some or all of a company's assets. This allows the lender to take and sell the secured assets and to use the proceeds to repay the indebtedness.
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The process of recording the loan of library material to an individual, another library, etc.
the process in which ions from a salt solution are adsorbed onto the column.
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Rotating clenched fists around one another in front of chest.
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To infuse an object with personal power.