Definitions for "Foul"
Not favorable; unpropitious; not fair or advantageous; as, a foul wind; a foul road; cloudy or rainy; stormy; not fair; -- said of the weather, sky, etc.
Not conformed to the established rules and customs of a game, conflict, test, etc.; unfair; dishonest; dishonorable; cheating; as, foul play.
See Foul ball, under Foul, a.
Covered with, or containing, extraneous matter which is injurious, noxious, offensive, or obstructive; filthy; dirty; not clean; polluted; nasty; defiled; as, a foul cloth; foul hands; a foul chimney; foul air; a ship's bottom is foul when overgrown with barnacles; a gun becomes foul from repeated firing; a well is foul with polluted water.
To make filthy; to defile; to daub; to dirty; to soil; as, to foul the face or hands with mire.
To cover (a ship's bottom) with anything that impered its sailing; as, a bottom fouled with barnacles.
Having freedom of motion interfered with by collision or entanglement; entangled; -- opposed to clear; as, a rope or cable may get foul while paying it out.
To entangle, so as to impede motion; as, to foul a rope or cable in paying it out; to come into collision with; as, one boat fouled the other in a race.
To become entagled, as ropes; to come into collision with something; as, the two boats fouled.
Loathsome; disgusting; as, a foul disease.
highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust; "a disgusting smell"; "distasteful language"; "a loathsome disease"; "the idea of eating meat is repellent to me"; "revolting food"; "a wicked stench"
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To incrust (the bore of a gun) with burnt powder in the process of firing.
To become clogged with burnt powder in the process of firing, as a gun.
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A line, wire, net, etc. is wound round the propeller.
In sanctioned competition, going over the foul line. Count for that delivery is 0.
Touching or going beyond the foul line with any body part at delivery. Results in a zero scored for that delivery.
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To tangle
The term for the opposite of clear.
the opposite of clear, as in tangled lines or chain, or bad weather
Hateful; detestable; shameful; odious; wretched.
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Slow-cooked mash of brown beans and red lentils, dressed with lemon, olive oil and cumin
Any flagrant or malicious move during competition resulting in disqualification.
Scurrilous; obscene or profane; abusive; as, foul words; foul language.
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make unclean; "foul the water"
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a bobble, carry, slam, or instance of holding.
AIR In a cave or mine, air with greater than 1% carbon dioxide (CO2) which adversely affects respiration and metabolism.
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make impure; "The industrial wastes polluted the lake"
a waste of a good trap
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A bird.
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Ugly; homely; poor.