Definitions for "Overlap"
The position of two boats when one overtaking is within two overall lengths of the other boat
A temporary condition in which more than one employee in a pay status is placed in the same position, resulting in the position being filled by more than 1.0 FTE.
When a defender runs forward on the left or right side to become part of the attack.
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the overlap of a pair of draperies is that part of a drapery panel which rides the master carrier of a traverse rod and overlaps in the center when draperies are drawn closed; usually 3 1/2 on each side
The center of the draperies, where the RH panel overlaps the LH panel or on one way draws, the side of the panel that hangs from the master (overlap) carrier.
Where two leading edges of drapery meet and go past other 2 inches ( traverse rod center draw ) to eliminate light penetrating.
To have the ending time of one period or process extend beyond the beginning time of another period or process; as, the lives of Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt overlapped by several decades.
An extension of geological beds above and beyond others, as in a conformable series of beds, when the upper beds extend over a wider space than the lower, either in one or in all directions.
The amount the plectrum projects beyond the string when the plectrum is in "on" position.
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To lay (one thing) over another; to lap.
The lapping of one thing over another; as, an overlap of six inches; an overlap of a slate on a roof.
In a lap seam, putting too much fabric in the top or bottom causing a large distance between the last row of stitches and the edge of the fabric.
the property of partial coincidence in time
coincide partially or wholly; "Our vacations overlap"
the coincidence of coverage by more than one sprinkler into a common area. The amount of overlap is expressed as a percentage of the radius or spacing of the sprinklers.
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or Valve Overlap: The period, measured in crank degrees, when both the exhaust valve and the intake valve are open. Valve overlap allows the negative pressure scavenge wave to return from the exhaust and begin the inflow of air/fuel mixture into the cylinder even before the intake stroke begins. The effectiveness of the overlap period is dependent on engine speed and exhaust "tuning."
The period where both inlet and exhaust valves are open at the same time - when the piston passes T.D.C. every second time. To determine the degrees of overlap add the opening of the inlet and the closing of the exhaust together from the valve timing supplied by the manufacturer.
The interval of valve timing when the intake valve starts to open before the exhaust valve is fully closed.
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The measurement of the extent of engagement of two objects in contact with one another
The extent to which adjacent images or photographs cover the same terrain, expressed in percentages.
The extent of viewing to UTV / CH4 television in the Republic of Ireland The extent of viewing to RTE Television/TV3 in Northern Ireland
the market Used in the context of general equities. Create a crossed market by expressing a willingness to sell on the bid side of the market and buy on the offer side.
The area where two pieces of siding lie one on top of the other.
Lateral movement of the guide bars on the beard or hook side of the needles. This movement is normally restricted to one needle space.
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The amount of search coil ground-sweep that overlaps the previous sweep.
The amount by which each subsequent pass of the spray covers the previous pass.
Amount of the spray pattern that covers the previous spray swath.
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A cue for suggesting represented depth in the film image by placing closer objects partly in front of more distant ones.
In Boolean Modelling, two Objects are said to overlap when a part of one of the Objects occupies the same space as a part of the other Object. (Like when two Objects are brought close together and one is partly inside the other.)
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The amount by which the hands cross each other during the mid-point of the sculling stroke. The overlap is the function of the inboard and the spread and is generally described as the difference between the spread and twice the inboard. Increasing the inboard will increase the overlap, unless you increase the spread accordingly at the same time. Overlap is a matter of personal preference, but it is generally recommended to keep it between 12 and 16 cm. In general, tall people row with more overlap and short people row with less.
A move in which one word overlaps another e.g. B O O E F F
Coexist with another effect or modifier in the same area or on the same target. For example, bonuses that do not stack with each other overlap instead, such that only the largest bonus provides its benefit. Spell effects of opposite types often suppress one another’s effect when their areas overlap. For example, light and darkness spells of the same spell level suppress one another’s effects in any overlapping area, leaving only the otherwise prevailing light conditions in effect. Also, spells providing resistance to or protection from the same category of damage as another such spell overlap rather than stacking. That is, damage of the specified type applies to each spell separately, such that only the most beneficial spell provides its benefit unless and until it ends.
The degree by which there is overlap in adjacent pay ranges.
Redundant scanning of the image field which results in multiple sets of data taken from the same image points. If done in the direction of scan this is usually considered oversampling. If done by laying scan lines adjacent to each other closer than the optical spot dimension, it is considered scan overlap.
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Wrap-around labeling of a container in which one end of the label overlaps the other.
nbspWrap-around labelling of a container in which one end of the label overlaps the other.
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A section of track after a signal that must be clear, and kept so before another train can be allowed to approach that signal
See Clear Astern and Clear Ahead; Overlap.
an overlap is where two or more routes share the same piece of pavement (see also duplex and multiplex).
Approximately 15% of households in the UK are in an overlap area between two ITV regions and so can, and often do, view two or more ITV stations
The amount of searchcoil swing advance not greater than the searchcoil's physical diameter.
(1) The area by which the electrode for the next cut exceeds the workpiece cavity. (2) The difference between the rough machined hole or cavity size and the size of the electrode to be used for the next cut. [ Words starting with P
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See lead. Parent task See supertask.
The interaction between a pair of atomic orbitals that occurs when the orbitals share space.
The interaction of orbitals on different atoms in the same region of space.
The contact area between dissimilar (film) materials, e.g., between a film resistor and its termination(s).
This is where a dependant's pension is paid as well as a pension guarantee payment.
A pension has a number of options available, including the following; Pension Guarantee, which promises to pay benefits for a fixed period of time, regardless of whether or not the Pensioner survives. Dependant's Pension, which in the event of the death of the Pensioner, provides a continuing pension income to a dependant. Overlap is an arrangement whereby benefits from both the above options can be payable at the same time, so that in the event of the Pensioners death within the guarantee period, the Guaranteed Pension and the Dependant's Pension would both be paid.
An MCA function allowing one section of memory to be displayed over another.
Sizing the range hood to be wider than the cooking equipment. Whenever possible, the range hood should overlap the cooking surface by 3" on each end. For island hoods, this recommendation should be considered mandatory.
The entrance by wave four into the price territory of wave one. Not permitted in impulse waves.
a representation of common ground between theories or phenomena; "there was no overlap between their proposals"
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Applying a second layer of coating onto part of a wet layer of the same coating. Done to provide better coverage, uniformity, and hiding.
The portion of one surface that is installed over, and covering, a portion of another. Roof shingles are an example of a material that is applied in this way. Also refers to the act of installing a material in this manner.
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a term I made up for this algorithm
A part of a sequence that is common to sequences derived from separate sequencing experiments.
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To be arranged so that a part of one object laying over part of another; as, the boards overlapped at their ends.
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To cover part of.