Definitions for "Ends"
Keywords:  warp, turkoman, axis, trench, kilim
Used for expressing the amount of warp yarns in a fabric.
The outer edges of the rug on the short axis often woven in the kilim technique (pile-woven ends or skirts are frequently found on Turkoman pieces); the fringes found on carpets are the free ends of the warp threads.
An individual warp yarn; runs the length of fabric.
The number of parallel wires or threads on a carrier in the braiding process.
In braiding, the number of essentially parallel wires or threads on a carrier.
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The last part of whole loaves of meat and cheese in the Deli Department.
Keywords:  polo, turf, halves, pitch, defend
The back lines of a polo pitch. Teams change ends, i.e. switch the halves they defend, each time a goal is scored in order to equalise wind and turf conditions.
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marks the end of the 'printable' part of a media release
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Ends Segment