Definitions for "Defend"
Keywords:  repel, enemy, defense, attack, fend
To ward or fend off; to drive back or away; to repel.
To repel danger or harm from; to protect; to secure against attack; to maintain against force or argument; to uphold; to guard; as, to defend a town; to defend a cause; to defend character; to defend the absent; -- sometimes followed by from or against; as, to defend one's self from, or against, one's enemies.
act as opponent of the declarer.
To deny the right of the plaintiff in regard to (the suit, or the wrong charged); to oppose or resist, as a claim at law; to contest, as a suit.
fight against or resist strongly; "The senator said he would oppose the bill"; "Don't fight it!"
protect or fight for as a champion
Keywords:  kendo, defence, concept
in kendo, there is no concept of defence.
v.i. to set a field or bowl in a manner designed to save runs. v.i. to bat cautiously, in order to make it as difficult as possible for the bowling side to get the batsman out. v.t. to defend one's wicket from being hit by the ball.
Keywords:  forbid, prohibit
To prohibit; to forbid.
Keywords:  innocence, assert, maintained, his
state or assert; "He maintained his innocence"
Keywords:  turn, action, take, your, you
Any action you take while it is not your turn.