Definitions for "Defence"
See Defense.
The act of defending, or the state of being defended; protection, as from violence or danger.
That which defends or protects; anything employed to oppose attack, ward off violence or danger, or maintain security; a guard; a protection.
Prohibition; a prohibitory ordinance.
The team attempting to prevent a score.
Armoured vehicles etc Defence aircraft and parts manufacture Missiles and guidance systems Other ordinance Small arms manufacturing
The part of lacrosse that is played when the opponent has the ball and is associated with protecting the goal area.
not being hit by the opponent's offensive actions, either by parrying, avoiding, or moving out of distance
(psychiatry) an unconscious process that tries to reduce the anxiety associated with instinctive desires
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a lot tighter, obviously
a normal part of civil litigation and should not necessarily be equated with innocence until a Court decides so
an element of the structural social work approach, responding to client's need for immediate resources; advocacy for client rights and for greater resources to clients.
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a reason you have not to be evicted, or to have your eviction delayed
The partnership in opposition to declarer.
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art of defence
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Department of Defence