Definitions for "Quarterback"
Keywords:  snap, huddle, football, leader, offense
The leader of the offense, who passes and hands off the ball.
The leader of the offense: calls the plays, communicates with the coach and moves the ball to receivers and running backs after the snap. Pelinrakentaja (Pinomaa) "Quubee"
(football) the person who plays quarterback
Keywords:  deze, leider, hij, medespeler, aanval
De leider van de aanval. Hij/zij gooit de bal of geeft deze af aan een medespeler.
Keywords:  payphone, refund
a refund from a payphone
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a real option, Lerner said
An estate planner who specializes in the practice of estate planning and who coordinates the entire effort for a client. The effort involves designing the plan, based on the objectives; suggesting a format; and executing the plan in conjunction with other professionals or providing outlets for the accounting, legal, and all additional aspects of execution.
In trade show or conference collection, this function is the individual who assigns and coordinates the roles and functions of the intelligence collection team.
Keywords:  nfl, valuable, diamond, commodity, kind
a valuable commodity in the NFL, kind of like a diamond
Keywords:  field, general
a field general