Definitions for "Lineman"
One who carries the line in surveying, etc.; the surveyor who marks positions with a range pole.
A player whose position is in the first (forward) line, as opposed to a back; one who plays on the line of scrimmage.
a center, guard, or tackle.
A man employed to examine the rails of a railroad to see if they are in good condition; also, a man employed to install or repair telegraph, telephone, television cable, or power lines. Also called linesman.
a person who installs or repairs electrical or telephone lines
A lineman (American English) or linesman (British English) (also occasionally called a lineworker or a line electrician by a handful of government agencies where gender-neutral job titles have been mandated by law) is a tradesman who constructs and maintains electric power transmission and distribution facilities. The term is also used for those who install and maintain telephone, telegraph, and cable TV lines.
A ladies' man who is especially adept at inventing effective introductory phrases (pick-up lines) to gain a woman's attention.
Military person who holds ley lines for enhanced equipment.