Definitions for "Telegraph"
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An apparatus, or a process, for communicating intelligence rapidly between distant points, especially by means of preconcerted visible or audible signals representing words or ideas, or by means of words and signs, transmitted by electrical action.
enables a detailed message to be sent instantaneously between two locations.
Equipment used to send information over long distances using electricity transmitted by wire.
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Telegraph is the title of the debut album by actor, singer, and songwriter Drake Bell, who is best known at present time for his role as "Drake Parker" in the Nickelodeon television series Drake & Josh.
In sporting terminology, to telegraph is to unintentionally alert an opponent to one's immediate situation or intentions. The sporting use of the term telegraph draws a direct comparison with the communication device of the same name. "Telegraphing" always refers to a reflexive physical action rather than a protracted or intellectual give-away.
To convey or announce by telegraph.
A system that uses changes in the polarity of DC current signaling to carry coded information.
A device which interrupts or changes the polarity of DC current signaling to convey coded information.
Telegraph is a C++ class library implementing support for Apple events, including the Apple Event Object Model. It's designed especially to work with Pedestal, but could be used by any application or framework.
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an electromagnet formed by a coil