Definitions for "Land Line"
The term ‘land line' refers to a standard telephone connection provided by the local telephone company. Land line has become a much-used colloquialism ever since the advent and explosive growth of mobile telephones.
A circuit for a telephone that travels over physical wire, fiber, or microwave circuits.
A slang term to describe any "wire" connection between any two terrestrial points.
A normal, regular POTS switched phone line over twisted copper pair.
couple of meanings, best described by what it’s not. Not a satellite feed. Not a cell phone. For feeds, usually a fiberoptic phone or video line. Also used as a verb: “ We’ll feed the story to Toronto, insert the graphics and then landline it to Ottawa.
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Latency LBS
a requirement for multiple receiver DirecTV accounts
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that part of a canal which is an artificial channel-- not in a river, lake or natural water bed.
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Li-Ion Lock Code